Eddie Hall: “Thor’s a C**t”

Eddie Hall

Eddie Hall enjoys offloading his final words of warning to opponent Thor Björnsson ahead of their long-awaited bout on March 19th. 

The Strongmen Have Voted: Eddie to Win!

Thor will tumble in the heaviest boxing match in history, vote fellow Strongmen By Danni Levy The highly anticipated bout between Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson will take place on March 19th in the UAE, and speculation as to who will come out on top continues to make global headlines.  “To be honest, I just […]

Martyn Ford: Scratching the Itch

Martyn Ford | Scratching the Itch

By Danni Levy Photography by Simon Howard There are many ways to scratch an itch. Throwing yourself up against the ropes in the 02 arenas is one of them. Martyn Ford is ready to ‘shut people up,’ and he’s not messing around.  April 2nd, it’s on. The fight everyone is talking about. Martyn, the man […]

The Hulk “I Promise Martyn Ford Will Be Taken out on a Stretcher!”

Sajjad Gharibi, The Iranian Hulk

Sajjad Gharibi, better known as ‘The Iranian Hulk’, is a mystery yet to unfold. Only time will tell whether his bite is as big as his bark. Speaking exclusively to Muscle and Health, the 6’ 1” giant hit back against Martyn’s claims, dismissing the British heavyweight as a ‘joke’.  “That actor (Martyn), or rather ‘joke’, […]

Eddie vs Thor: The Heaviest Boxing Match in History Officially has a Date

Eddie vs Thor

Don’t sweat it! EDDIE VS THOR: THE HEAVIEST BOXING MATCH IN HISTORY OFFICIALLY HAS A DATE By Samantha Yardley “I never thought I’d start boxing in a million years. I guess it happened because I wanted to beat Eddie Hall up. Muscle and Health have followed the fierce heavyweight rivalry right from the beginning since […]

Bangarang: More Formula’s Epic Pre-workout Isn’t for the Faint Hearted

More Formula Bangarang

Finding the motivation to work out can be tough. A good pre-workout can help get you fired up and serve as a great addition to your training regime. More Formula boasts powerful and effective ingredients like caffeine to get you motivated, L-tyrosine to increase focus and concentration, and compounds that perk up your pump. Pre-workout […]