Annihilate Your Glutes and Hamstrings with This Workout

By Valerie Vitale Photography: James Patrick   This spicy lower body workout will help build a shapely booty and hams that pop so you can fill out your jeans in all the right places.    Equipment needed: booty bands, a step or a bench, dumbbells   Banded Hip Thrust  Place a booty band around your […]

The 40 Winks Workout

The frantic, stress-inducing nature of modern life means that few of us seem to get enough sleep, And if you’re a parent, regularly getting your full 40 winks becomes even more of a luxury. With this in mind, family fitness brand David Lloyd Clubs brings ‘Napercise’ – A new type of wellbeing class for exhausted […]

The Two Calisthenics Moves You Should Master

We’ve teamed up with the experts at Ramass Fitness to take you through the fundamentals of the V-Sit and L-Sit. Both look impressive and take immense core strength, whilst challenging the upper-body to its limits.

The Ultimate Dumbbell Workout

By Samantha Yardley Photography by Per Bernal   PT extraordinaire and fiancée to the legend Dolph “If he dies, he dies” Lundgren, Emma Krokdal is no stranger to the weights room. Commit to be fit in 2022 with her tried-and-tested full-body dumbbell workout.   This extremely versatile routine hits every body part to perfection and, […]

Master Your Mobility With The T-Spine Wall Windmill

By Bobby Aldridge James Patrick Photography   How often do you move laterally? Almost no one does this, we are conditioned to work front to back. The T-spine wall windmill targets the rotation in your body, improves your mobility, and helps to reduce pain.   The T-spine wall windmill exercise, done against a wall, opens […]

Farm Fit

By Danni Levy Photography by Callum Tracey   Tom Kemp is fast becoming one of the most respected names in the biz. A third-generation farmer, he founded Farm Fitness, a gym unlike any other. “Love what you do and make use of what you have,” says Tom, who converted his passion for fitness into a career. […]

The Must-Have Weekly Upper-Body Split

By Danni Levy   NAME: BEN HEURING FROM: NEW HAMBURG OCCUPATION: FITNESS MODEL CURRENT WEIGHT: 190 POUNDS    Ben Heuring was a late bloomer. The smallest kid on the baseball team, he graduated high school standing at 5’7” and weighing just 140 pounds. When Ben started lifting, magic began to happen. He shot up to […]

The Big Winter Leg Bulk

Take your legs to the next level with this high volume, high intensity two-day leg workout that will have every last muscle fiber screaming growth!   DAY ONE: Hamstring and Calf-focused   Walking Lunges  10 x 3 (on each leg) Keep your body upright and core engaged throughout the movement. Don’t overextend your leg when […]