By Samantha Yardley


Mashed. Roasted. Baked. There’s nothing more comforting as the temperature begins to drop than a starchy bundle of steaming spud! But, when it comes to the battle of potato VS its sweet counterpart, which variety are you rooting for?




HEALTH– Regular potatoes contain glycoalkaloids, shown to have anticancer effects

NUTRIENTS– White potatoes are higher in potassium

GI– A boiled potato has a high GI around 78, meaning potatoes break down more quickly

MICROS– White potato provides higher iron content aiding blood cells development

MACROS– Potatoes contain slightly more protein and carbohydrates, and 70% more potassium



HEALTH– Antioxidant-rich to help fight cell damage caused by free radicals

NUTRIENTS– Sweet potatoes contain more vitamin A

GI– A boiled sweet potato has an intermediate GI of 63, causing a lower blood sugar spike

MICROS– Sweet potato provides higher calcium and magnesium, contributing to healthier bones

MACROS– Sweet potatoes score lower on protein and carbs and comprise less potassium


Winner: Sweet

Both varieties hold a special place in our hearts, and each should hold a lifetime achievement award for their contribution to sustaining the species. For winter bulkers, pick potatoes whereas the New Year cutting crew should stick to the sweet option. Overall, sweet potatoes are slightly more a-peeling due to their lower carb and GI counts.


Riced Sweet Potato

If you have a penchant for potatoes and like the path of least resistance (don’t we all) this riced sweet potato version from the clever folk at Fullgreen will not disappoint. Having taste-tested, we are officially devotees.
Just two minutes in the microwave and 100 calories for the entire bag of sweet potato goodness.


Incorporate the carb champion, sweet potato into your next meal with this smashing SWEET POTATO FRITTATA recipe.

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