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by Danni Levy

You worked as a PT before unleashing your true calling to the world. Does your background in fitness still come knocking, or do long days on set keep you out of the gym when you’re filming?

I train as much as I can. The only thing I’m not good at is fully committing when I’m at home. My past makes me love a gym, so I always prefer to get to one. If I’m filming, I will usually get up at four or fIve to train before work.

You’re always in such great shape. Are you a Tupperware guy, who preps meals and takes them on-set, or are you simply genetically blessed?

Ha! I’m not always in great shape. My body loves to grab on to fat due to toxins and lack of sleep. So, I bust my arse to get into good shape as much as I can, but don’t starve myself. I just do it in a healthy way. At my age it’s tough, so it’s defi nitely up and down. I’m not genetically blessed at all so it’s meal prep and watching macros for me, when I’m cutting, Tupperware or EatUp UK.

As a dad, how do you juggle family life off-screen with finding time for yourself to train and relax?

Well time for myself comes last. It’s kids, training and relaxing when I can get it. You just have to find the time to get it done… so you do, there’s no secret formula unfortunately. I wish there was.

I don’t think we’ve spoken to one star who hasn’t jumped on the meditation bandwagon recently. Are you going to surprise us and break the chain, or is this part of your regular routine?

I’m breaking it. I do not meditate. I don’t have time for that shit. If it’s not kids, it’s work. I have too much to do to meditate, which I guess is why people would say I need it. I just do not physically have time to just sit there and do that. I guess my meditation is getting in bed late at night and playing one level of a video game to wind down. Puzzles or whatever take me to a different place, so I’ll do that and then sleep.

Tell us what type of sports/training you enjoy the most?

Weights when I’m in gym and then I love Jiu-Jitsu and kick boxing. I did straight MMA training for a bit too, but I got very beat up, which I didn’t mind, but I was walking around fucked up… really injured and it was affecting me day-to-day, so when I started filming Bulletproof, I couldn’t go back.

Do you train with Ashley, or are you a lonesome ranger in the gym?

Both. We will train together when away, but we will do our own sessions.

You don’t look a day over 30. Any diet or fitness secrets you’d like to share on that front? Are you a morning kale in the juicer kinda guy?

Haha! Thanks. I drink a lot of water, and that’s all I ever wash my face with. None of that, cream this, or balm that. I don’t do juicing at all. Sorry, I must be throwing people’s thoughts out of whack with these answers. I have no real script other than get your steps in. I go for a minimum of 15K a day.

Give us your top 3 tips for bulletproof abs!

Get your steps in. Train your big muscle groups to burn fat; legs etc. People just think dropping some sit-ups will do it, but half the battle is lost after. Stay off the pizza and burgers, which I find tough as they are my favorite.

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