Silk- the ultimate luxury

Founder of award-winning, luxury brand This Is Silk, Sonal Keay suffers with a rare, sensitive skin condition and high quality silk is the only thing that soothes it.  She left her career as a barrister to develop the finest 22 momme, sustainably produced 100% mulberry silk products to help others find solutions to sensitive skin, thinning hair and restless sleep.
Silk is the ultimate luxury product – but do your readers know of its incredible health and beauty benefits?
Using silk cleansing cloths, pillowcases, towels, hair wraps, eye and face masks prevents harmful friction caused by cotton, regulates body heat, keeps oils and moisturisers on the skin and hair and prevents fine lines, ageing, hair breakage and frizz. It is breathable, eco-friendly and looks and feels beautiful.
Silk is similar to our skin and the amino acids soothe and nourish our skin, preventing friction and ageing.
Silk is popular with people with thinning hair. Cotton snags hair and prevents regrowth – silk actively encourages hair growth.
Founder Sonal Keay is a silk expert and a great spokesperson on the scientific benefits of using silk.
Silk Pillowcase: £47.99
The highest quality silk, designed to give you a restful, friction-free sleep and wake with soothed skin and smooth hair.
Silk Pillowcases
Silk Overnight Hair Wrap: £35.99

Designed to stay comfortably on your head all night and protect the hair from friction. Hair wrapped overnight in Silk will be smoother, glossier and better conditioned in the mornings.

Silk Eye Mask: £27.99
It is oversized to protect delicate skin and the nourishing and protecting silk prevents fine lines. Silk does not absorb eye creams like cotton does, so your overnight eye creams work harder for you and stay in place.
Silk Face Mask: £16.99 for two

Reusable pure Mulberry silk face masks with a filter pocket are made of the softest silk jersey, ensuring both comfort and breathability while soothing skin and preventing ‘maskne’.

Silk Hair Towel Wrap: £35.99

Hair is at its weakest when wet, and silk protects it. This jersey knit silk noil is light, compact, naturally anti-microbial and dries quickly.

Silk Hairbands: £15.99 for three

Made from 22 momme mulberry silk, which protects hair from friction and damage.
Silk Snood: £26.99

Silk is breathable, soothing and regulates temperature – perfect for runners, cyclists, dog walkers and hikers who want to bring a bit of luxury outdoors. It also acts as a face mask.
Silk Cleansing Cloths: £21.99 for three
100% silk face cloths are the texture of muslin cloths, but with all the added benefits of silk amino acids. The unique weave of the Silk gently exfoliates, conditions and smooths skin, leaving it radiant.
Silk Lined Shower Cap: 35.99

Fully adjustable Silk-Lined Shower Caps help hair stay silky smooth and go longer between washes.

SILKBEBE – Silk Cot Sheet: £32.99

Silk will not absorb baby’s natural face oils, and will cause less damage to hair, minimising hair loss from the ‘baby bald spot’ and preventing eczema. This innovative fitted sheet combines the wonderful benefits of silk for the head, with the cosiness of cotton for the body.


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