How to Become a Self-made Millionaire! Revealed: The Mindset of a Mogul to Up Your Wealth Game

Born into humble beginnings, entrepreneur Jas Mathur, made 30k per month at just 14 years old. Here’s how you can harness his assiduous approach to achieve abundant riches for yourself!

Muscle and Health reveals the @limitless-approved methodology that will boost your bank balance and change the way you live your life.

Media sensation Jas Mathur aka @limitless has 7.8m followers on Instagram, and a net worth to match. Exclusively for Muscle and Health readers, he provides a backstage pass to his underdog backstory and shares his tips on obtaining financial freedom.

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Self-made multimillionaire Jas Mathur wasn’t born with a silver spoon in his mouth. Here’s how the rags-to-riches tech mogul exploited his business acumen and mindset mastery to rake in the big bucks.

1. Basic Side Plank on Elbow

Lay on your side, legs extended and one foot on top of the other. Put your weight on one hand with your elbow directly in line with your shoulder. 

Hold as long as possible. Rest for 1-minute. Repeat for the other side. Repeat 5 times, for 10 side planks total.

Mindset Is Everything: The Mind Before the Body

“You can achieve anything you set your mind to, both physically and mentally. It’s about understanding your priorities and what you want. You really can get anything you want if you have a healthy state of mind and take that step forward. But the mind must come before the body. Your mind has to be healthy first and foremost. You could train all day, but if your mental state isn’t aligned, you’re not going to get anywhere, because your hormone levels will be off-balance.”

Ignore Negativity: Social Media Isn’t Real

“You have to have thick skin. You have to believe in yourself. Social media is just a toy. Don’t get carried away thinking someone else’s life looks better than yours. Just because it may be portrayed that way, doesn’t mean it truly is. That’s why in today’s world, a lot of people are insecure or depressed and anxious, because they want more, and they’re never happy.”

Build a Business You Don’t Need a Vacation From

“In 2010, I told myself I wanted a life I wouldn’t need a vacation from, and thankfully, I was able to achieve that. I still take my weekends off, but I’m not into partying anymore. My definition of fun is doing nice outdoor things, or just being in relaxing environments, and being able to clear my head so I can continue moving forward with my goals.”

Find Your Passion

“Focus on doing something you’re passionate about, because if you’re not passionate about it, work will become a burden. Take your time and nurture the process.”

Don’t Overspend

“When you believe in what you want to do, you can lose track. I’ve done it. You may overspend in making it look better than it needs to from a business standpoint, and you won’t look at the profitability, you’ll just keep going because you believe in it so much, because you’re passionate.”

Be Willing to Pivot

“I didn’t just get to where I am without hiccups. I actually lost everything, and then I had to build myself back up from scratch. I invested in retail stores when everybody was going online, because I didn’t want to be behind computers anymore, because I felt it made me gain weight all the time. It was a personal decision, not a business one. You have to work smart and if something is losing money, you need to re-think it. You have to be willing to make changes in a quick and efficient manner, so that your vehicle doesn’t just crash.”

Money may not buy you happiness, but we know we’d rather cry about it from the driver’s seat of our shiny new Ferrari!

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