By Samantha Yardley


Long-term strongman adversaries Eddie Hall and Hafþór Björnsson’s epic boxing match in Dubai looms nearer and the debate as to which heavy hitter will go down for the count is on everyone’s lips.


Here’s the blow-by-blow on the notorious rivalry that set the precedent for the heaviest boxing match in history.

Eddie: “I mean, the only reason Thor took the World’s Strongest Man title is because I retired- so he’s welcome. He’s welcome that I retired. He’s lucky I retired, or else he never would have won the World’s Strongest Man.”

Thor: “Eddie’s claims are hilarious. Let’s look at his career and let’s look at my career. How many titles internationally has he won? One. He competed for almost a decade, so why only one? Why didn’t he win any other prominent show? How many times have I won in my career? More than I can count on two hands. Who’s better? Obviously, me.”




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