BeachSweat ™, an online fitness program

Onlyfans-Inspired Online Fitness Program Launches

BeachSweat ™, an online fitness program with live and on-demand classes streaming daily from its South Florida studios, led by engaging, energetic, beautiful, bikini clad, highly qualified instructors.

I wanted to be INSPIRED to work out. That’s when I came up with the idea for BeachSweat” says Barry Hinckley, CEO and Founder of BeachSweat. 

“After years of working out, with mostly guilt and obligation as my primary motivation to exercise, I decided there had to be a better way to achieve my fitness goals of weight management and overall health. I wanted to be INSPIRED to do a fitness routine. So, in a moment of candid honesty, I decided that being ‘visually inspired’ to get on the bike, do the mat work or attend a yoga class would help me and millions like me, do that workout, make that class, and meet my fitness goals. That’s when I came up with the idea for BeachSweat.”

After two decades in the technology space and six years on the tech side of the in-person and virtual events world, his team combined their knowledge and experience to launch the world’s first Visually Inspired Fitness Platform.

“As the workout progresses and the instructor ‘BeachSweats’, more and more of the instructor is visually revealed, keeping members engaged throughout the workout, rather than looking at the clock,” Barry added.

Members will be able to: 

  • Do 30-minute cycling, yoga and strength training classes every day; both live, and on demand
  • Interact with instructors and each other through text chat and online meet and greets after live classes
  • Thank the instructors for a great class through a “tip jar” feature
  • Get access to classes anytime and anywhere through a web browser
  • No app download is required

BeachSweat also has a mission to highly compensate its instructors. Fitness instructors typically only earn $20-$50 for a 60-minute class. BeachSweat has built a “tip jar” into its technology. Between a base rate per class and the tip jar, instructors make a minimum of $100 per 30-minute class with unlimited potential earnings based on their tip jar revenue.

Celebrity fitness instructors and influencers are already posting about Beachsweat which launched today.  Some notable influencers include Nina Serebrova, Anna Louise, Alexa Collins, Amanda Taylor, Amanda Ventrone, Priscilla Ricart, Barbie Blank and Eva Quiala.

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