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here are just some of our video guides!


Chest and triceps


Back, Biceps and Abs


Legs, abs and shoulders

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The Studio Collection Deck is an adjustable, multi-functional exercise tool for making the most out of your studio training experience. Use it as a traditional studio step, or use as an adjustable angle bench to perform various dumbbell and barbell exercises. Packed with utility—the Studio Collection Deck has two different step height adjustments and four back positions, as well as notches for resistance band training and storage inside for accessories.


The Body pump Barbell set is adaptable to all fitness level ranging from beginner to experienced.

Plates can be mixed and matched to suit both low and high intensity workouts including but not limited to bicep curls, dead lifts and ab roll out. Adjustability is a key feature of the Body pump Barbell which creates a tailor-made fitness routine adjusted to the weight needs of the user.

Set includes:

1x Body pump Barbell
2x 1.25kg Plates
2x 2.5kg Plates
2x 5kg Plates
2 x Spring locks