A7 Bar Grip clothing

A7 Bar Grip: What A Genius!

Squatting with a heavy bar is far from comfortable at the best of times, but when your t-shirt is causing the bar to slip, you can forget a PB!

A7 Bar Grip is a one-of-a-kind performance shirt with a patent-pending silicone grip on the back that is designed to help with slippery commercial benches and bars.

The grip helps you stick to the bench during bench press and anchors the barbell to your back when squatting. Bar Grip is the ultimate training shirt for powerlifting, strongman, and weightlifting workouts but also a huge help when training in commercial gyms with slippery benches and bars without any center knurling.

We’re hooked- literally! Let’s check out the A7 Bar Grip range.

Bar Grip T-shirt

A7 Bar Grip t-shirt


Bar Grip Hoodie

Grip weightlifting hoodie


Lounge Joggers

Gym jogging bottoms


Cozy Beanie

Woman wearing gym beanie hat


A7 Bar Grip Wrist Wraps

A7 Bar Grip wrist straps


Bar Grip Crew

Woman in gym t-shirt


A7 US | a7.co | @a7intl
A7 Europe | a7europe.com | @A7Europe
A7 UK | a7uk.com | @A7.UK

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