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Em-Power Yoga

Bandhas activated. Chakras aligned. If Fiorenzo Manganiello piqued your interest by breaking down the oh-so-tricky to navigate domain of blockchain, you’ll be doubly impressed to learn how he maintains peak physical and mental performance whilst managing millions.

Woman doing a yoga stretch

Welcome to the world of power yoga. If there’s one underlying similarity present in all successful entrepreneurs to have graced the pages of Muscle and Health, it’s their unyielding requisite to prioritize health. Fiorenzo is no different, but his choice of workout certainly is. Having dabbled in traditional bodybuilding in his youth, these days Fiorenzo is always one yoga class away from a good mood.

“Power yoga is like Ashtanga Yoga” begins Fiorenzo. “You’re following a sequence, so you’re repeating the same flow but holding the pauses for more time. “It’s tough! The idea is that you need to hold a pose for at least 30-45 seconds, you don’t flow too fast because then it’s more like a kind of cardio. The poses are a stronger deviation of the Ashtanga standard” he reveals.

“It’s pretty intense in terms of calorie and thermal expenditure so I would say for a young guy in their thirties, it’s a good workout that combines strength and natural yoga.

Women in a power yoga class

“It’s helpful because once you’ve been trained five or six times, you can literally do it by yourself. You don’t need to go to the class, you just need a mat.

“The beauty of yoga is that firstly, you can do it whenever you want, which is very important when you’re traveling a lot. The second is that in my opinion, it’s the only workout that combines mental and physical benefits. It’s not an aerobic workout but you combine breathing, so it can improve oxygenation and lower your cortisol level, which is an opponent of testosterone. The idea for anyone is to keep as much hormonal balance as possible and yoga supports you with that. I think it’s mandatory in that sense.

“As a leader, my performance improves well, when I take care of my health and my body, I was lucky to realize that pretty young. For me, a businessman is almost like an athlete that is using his brain. I’ve always been intrigued by the next innovation in nutrition, and I always practice yoga to improve your chi which is your vital energy.”
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