It’s the classic cliché but step out of your comfort zone to level up your personal growth

The mind can be hacked to create any number of outcomes; as humans, we’re all comfortable with familiarity and we thrive off routines and habits. This ingrained behaviour can be used for good and evil in equal parts… want to embrace a fitter lifestyle?

Drag yourself down the gym a few times before it becomes a habit that is an integral part of your existence, same goes for making healthier choices in the kitchen, nurturing joyful relationships and generating abundance and wealth.

Thoughts are things and tangible results will manifest themselves simply from the power of your mind. Conversely, the inclination that pulls us towards the familiar is the very same trait that can leave us stuck in a rut or practising harmful patterns, resulting in a downward spiral that can feel impossible to drag ourselves out from.

The concept of comfort zones was first explored back in 1907 when phycologists Yerkes and Dodson conducted tests on mice, applying increasing levels stress and measuring its relative affect on performance.

The results, known as the ‘Yerkes-Dodson curve’ found that anxiety improves performance up until an optimum level, at which point stress levels become too high and it rapidly declines.

Fear of the Unknown

Fear of the unknown and being disinclined to break free from the comforting complacency of our neat and often lacklustre lives is the largest single factor holding us back from reaching our full potential. Subconsciously, we all self-sabotage in order to remain sheltered and stationery.

Being apprehensive of the unfamiliar can leave us trapped in uninspiring careers, remaining in detrimental relationships or leading unhealthy, harmful lifestyles to name just a few. I myself know all too well how disheartening falling into a trap of practising unhealthy habits can be, we’re all susceptible. Finding the strength to generate change can be challenging when we’re accustomed to subsisting in a negative routine.

“There are more fears out there than ice cream flavours,” says Vindy Teja author of YOLO: Essential Life Hacks for Happiness. “Fear of conflict, Fear of criticism, Fear of rejection, Fear of the unknown, Fear of failure. The list goes on. Conquering your fears not only helps you function; it helps you flourish.

We want to experience life fully

Most of us don’t just want to get by. We want to experience life fully. That means stepping out of your comfort zone, understanding the obstacles you face, and developing a different, more productive mindset around how to approach them.”

So, how do we start creating patterns to inspire positive change in our lives? It’s as easy to say as is it hard to put into practice. Take a leap of faith and get comfortable being uncomfortable. Existing outside of our comfort zones generates quantifiable, awe-inspiring dream-fulfilling revolution.

Generate the life you always wanted, it’s as simple as deciding you want it. If life throws you a curveball; redundancy, failed relationship, change of circumstance etc then try to embrace it! Worrying about a situation we have no ability to control is a waste of energy, trust that the universe will provide and look forward to the next instalment. Upgrade pending…

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