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Here’s Why Working Out in A Group Is Beneficial to Your Mental Health

This year, the theme of Mental Health Awareness week is loneliness – and when we’re feeling lonely, working out in a group can help lift our mood and motivate us. 

Author: Rachael Penrose

This year, the theme of Mental Health Awareness week is loneliness – and when we’re feeling lonely, working out in a group can help lift our mood and motivate us.

Working out in a group creates a sense of community    

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Group workouts like F45 Training are fun, innovative and suitable for all. There is a community of people who all have the same goal – get fit and have fun doing it, and it is the best way to boost your spirits and keep you accountable. 

We all have days when motivation is low, and it takes very little to talk ourselves out of a workout. Whether it be a workout buddy, or a pre-planned group workout, having that external motivation can make all the difference to your mood.

You can achieve more from your workout by learning from others 

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While people may prefer to work out alone, you can find yourself in a bit of a workout block, repeating the same structure and hitting a plateau with your training. Going to a group training class is a great way to keep your fitness spark alive and learn from others in order to progress and improve your skills and fitness level. This can create a sense of self-worth and pride, which will naturally lift your mood and boost confidence. 

Working out in a group makes you feel supported by others 

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When you are struggling with your mental health, feeling supported can be the key to recovery. External motivation from other people can reassure you that you have a network that will support you even on your down days. Picture yourself in a negative environment where there is no support, no external motivation; you can feel the energy draining out of you. Now think of a time where you have had people around you, shouting your praise or showering you with positive reinforcement. It becomes a much more positive and motivating atmosphere – and instead of feeling unmotivated and low, you feel as though you have a team to rely on.

A group workout can teach you to have a positive mindset

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Working out as part of a team teaches you to think positively to achieve your fitness goals. Training yourself to think positively in your training sessions can inspire you to think more positively in your everyday life, which can in turn reduce stress levels. Positive thinking has also been shown to improve overall mental health and reduce levels of anxiety. An optimistic outlook on life doesn’t mean that every day is amazing, as life rolls like a rollercoaster, but how you perceive and react to the good and bad around you has a dramatic effect on your mental health.

For more information and to book into a group class at F45 Training, visit www.f45training.co.uk to find your nearest studio. 

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