How Music Can Boost Our Brain Power

Science shows that audio stimulation can actually increase neural activity. This research is based on how tones, frequencies and rhythms work to affect the brain in a positive way.

Ultrahuman app has partnered with Evoked Response to further research and develop audio stimulation that has a positive impact on our mindset. Ultrahuman was founded in February 2020 by Mohit Kumar. Overcoming COVID to work remotely and produce content with top experts around the world, the team behind Ultrahuman recognized music and meditation as key aspects of their app. The music is designed specifically to help us focus, sleep, or overcome a temporary bout of anxiety.
Neural imaging like EEG and fMRI are used to scan and analyze the connection between music and the brain. This data is then used to optimize the sound design for its effect on mental states. Next, large-scale behavioral studies are undertaken in order to test this music on human performance and determine what types of music work best for different demographics.


But how can music actually make us more productive?

“Our bodily sensors evoke certain reactions in the body,” says Mohit Kumar, CEO and founder of Ultrahuman.
“These sensors can make us feel uncomfortable, or they can make us feel at ease. For example, if you hear a siren outside your building, this immediately evokes a feeling of danger and urgency, whereas if you listen to calming music, it automatically makes you feel calm.

“When you listen to our brain productivity music, your brain synchronizes with the music you’re playing to give you a higher level of focus on the task in hand. The science behind this music is to get you into a relaxed, peak performance zone with minimal stress in your body. Your brain gets the signal that everything is good, which leads to you feeling relaxed and enabling you to perform at a higher potential.

“There is a physiological phenomena that happens because we as human beings have been trained to listen. We hear before we see. If a wild animal were to come towards us, we would hear it before we see it. Even whilst we sleep, we’re actively listening. So, music for sleep is great to help you drift off and get a better quality of sleep whilst detoxing your brain. Each type of sound affects your brain in a different way.

“What you think is directly influenced by the food you eat and the exercise you do and the amount of sleep you’ve had- all of these things are hugely interconnected. As well as being emotional beings, we are also hormonal beings.

“The team behind Ultrahuman have been researching this for years. Hearing angry sounds can actually make you angry. But hearing restful sounds can make us rested or more focused. We’ve tested this among our users and seen fantastic results. This could be such a great breakthrough for insomnia. No medication needed.

“Audio sleep stimulation that increases neural activity (Slow Oscillations), as well as time spent in Slow-Wave Sleep (SWS), are both crucial for memory consolidation, neural plasticity, bodily recovery, metabolism, mood and general health. Brain music by Ultrahuman is a unique blend of science and art and is a part of an emerging set of technologies that help people understand and improve how their brain functions.

“The science of sleeping better, challenging anxiety, recovering faster and mental conditioning for example was previously only available to high-level athletes, but all of this is so important for the general public too. We identified a gap in the market and brought physical fitness together with meditation, sleep and lifestyle to enable people to work on all aspects of their physical and mental well-being. Bringing these things together creates the channel for optimal health.”

Immerse yourself in the life-changing skill of meditation, backed by cutting-edge research. Meditation is the core of the Ultrahuman experience. Mindfulness, stress reduction, inner well-being and focus are some of the highlights of what this wonderful platform has to offer. At the end of a good meditation session, channel your newfound focus into one of their many world-class workouts. The Ultrahuman app is available on the App Store and Google.

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