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No Running From Joint Pain

With nearly 50% of UK resolutions related to fitness1 this year, millions of new exercise enthusiasts have hit the roads, parks, and treadmills in 2022 as they continue with new year running goals.

With nearly 50% of UK resolutions related to fitness1 this year, millions of new exercise enthusiasts have hit the roads, parks, and treadmills in 2022 as they continue with new year running goals.

Despite the best intentions to embark on a new healthy lifestyle, many ran the risk of putting their joints under extra pressure by launching themselves into a vigorous training regimen without joint care and preparation. This is particularly important given that nearly 80% of runners risk having their ambitions derailed each year as a result of an injury2, most commonly located in the knees.Sports doctor Joseph Babicki, a member of the British Association of Sport and Exercise Medicine, comments: “It’s great that many people decide to do more exercise as part of their New Year resolutions, but they need to make sure that they’re putting as little strain on, and looking after their joints, as much as possible.”

Although being active is thought to provide a level of protection against osteoarthritis, research has suggested that sports injuries can increase the risk of developing the condition.

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Leading sports Physiotherapist Sammy Margo has over ten years of experience treating patients with joint health conditions; “Joint stiffness or pain, especially in the load-bearing joints such as the knees or hips, could be a warning sign for the start of something more serious and can affect anyone at any age or ability. Young adults are just as at risk of developing joint conditions from repetitive injuries or over usage as an adult that experiences arthritic conditions due to their age.”

Fortunately, careful preparation and simple lifestyle changes can help to protect and prolong joint health, whilst supporting the longevity of your running goals.

Sammy Margo adds, “Early intervention is key, especially when enjoying high impact sports, and adding a supplement to your daily routine, alongside maintaining a well-balanced and varied diet, can offer additional support to achieving optimal joint health. The double anti-inflammatory effects of GOPO®, an active rose-hip compound, and ginger combined provide targeted relief to safeguard your joints and maintain an active lifestyle.”

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  • GOPO® Joint Health Plus Ginger can be taken long term for joint pain caused by arthritis, sports injuries or general wear and tear, and it can be taken safely alongside other treatments. Research suggests that both active compounds offer multiple benefits, for instance:
    Ginger has been shown to activate anti-inflammatory proteins to reduce morning joint stiffness3,4 and muscle pain by 25%5
  • GOPO®, a compound derived from specially cultivated rosehip, has been shown to relieve pain, with 8 out of 10 osteoarthritis sufferers reporting pain reduction after just three weeks of treatment6,7, as well as potentially regenerate cartilage8.
  • Both Ginger and GOPO® have been recommended as a long-term solution to improve joint health3-9, reducing the need for painkillers such as paracetamol6,9

Sammy Margo’s Top Tips for alleviating knee pain:

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1- Wear appropriate footwear: If you exercise regularly, it’s important to have shoes that offer enough cushioning and support to prevent trauma to the joints and bones. Invest in good quality footwear that fit well and are appropriate for the type of exercise you choose to do.

2- Stretch and strengthen: Regular stretching helps to keep joints and tendons flexible. If muscles are tight, the range of motion can feel restricted which adds extra pressure to the joint tissues. Strong muscles and regular stretching ensure the joints are well supported.

3- Add an anti-inflammatory supplement to your diet: GOPO® Joint Health Plus Ginger contains specially cultivated rosehip powder and ginger which have been shown to relieve stiff joints the morning after intense exercise. The active compound within rosehip known as GOPO® prevents the migration of white blood cells to the inflamed tissues by switching off the genes responsible for inflammation and destruction.

4- Mix up your movements: Adding variety to your workout routines and routes can relieve pressure and reduce impact on load-bearing joints. If you’re used to exercising multiple times a week, make sure you mix it up. Why not try cycling or focus on your flexibility with a Pilates session.

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