Prep Your Skin- Winter is Here

Your skin has endured the summer months, stuck with you through lockdown and helped keep your body cool during those gruelling workouts. Now it’s time to give something back to your exterior layer.
“Cold weather and low humidity levels during winter results in dry air. This draws moisture away from the skin, tightens the pores and reduces blood circulation, “ explains Vivian Lau, founder of Vitruvian Man.
“With the reduced blood circulation, the skin’s natural protective oil- sebum production will de- crease, leaving the skin feeling dry and for some even cause cracked skin. Hence, regularly moisturizing your skin and drinking more water during winter will ensure that you’re always well equipped for any environmental challenge.”
Treat your skin to the ultimate win- ter prep package, with our choice of top frost-friendly offerings for this season.
FACEGYM Training Stick
Applied to the face before exercise, the motion activated Training Sticks produce better results for your skin, the harder you go in the gym.
Vitruvian Man Skincare

Luxury organic skincare for the modern man to feel calm and confident on the inside and radi- ate on the outside.
Supreme eye cream $81.27 Cleanser & toner $41.28
Braun Series 7 70-N7200cc
Advanced AutoSense technology also reads and adapts to beard density, giving the most efficient, precise
and effortless shave to date from the brand.
$426.93 from various outlets

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