Ready to expose yourself to the cold?

While cryotherapy has gained popularity on social media as a trendy post-workout recovery activity, science is just now catching up and revealing that muscle recovery is only the tip of the iceberg in terms of cold exposure’s potential benefits.

Emerging research and anecdotal evidence supports regular cold exposure’s ability to mitigate anxiety, strengthen the immune system, burn fat, and even stave off cognitive decline. If you’ve no access to an icy lake then fear not, you can still Wim-Hof-it in your own back garden. Ice Barrel makes the benefits of cold exposure available to at-home consumers with an innovative, efficient, space- saving solution. Sustainably made using recycled materials, Ice Barrel holds up to 105 gallons of water in its unique vertical design, and includes a convenient drainage system.

A modern, refined update of a classic barrel design, Ice Barrel provides supreme durability for both indoor and outdoor use, and a stealthy appearance that fits any environment.

Ready to embrace the cold? Well now thanks to Ice Barrel  you can have the ultimate #coldtherapy experience in (relative) comfort.

Shop the Barrel here:


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