Terry Crews, Hollywood legend, fitness legend, all round legend. Settle in for episode 2 of Muscle and Health podcast, hosted by Danni Levy, Editor-in-Chief.


We sit down and discuss:

    • Terry Crews’ shoot for the first ever cover of Muscle and Health magazine, shot by the incredible photographer Per Bernal
    • How we can all take it to the next level when it comes to our fitness, and how different generations approach health and fitness; knowing more with each era
    • Looking into how a combination of fitness, diet and mindset are key to a successful, spiritually charged healthy lifestyle
    • How the height of your success is equal to the depth of your gratitude
    • His 7 year career in the NFL, and how obvious the mind/body connection was, particularly due to the rate of suicide post-NFL career and weight gain including his own 2 year battle with severe depression which lead to his 21 Days to Change approach – knowing it takes 21 days to build a habit
    • 21 years after his 21 day habit started, Terry Crews, looks back on starting out at the cheapest gym he could find and going from just showing up at the gym; until day 21 where he’s formed of the habit of showing up at the gym and connecting his mind and body to uncover what he wanted from life
    • A look at his day in the life: Training reigns, even if that means getting up at 4am. Intermittent fasting. Dynamic stretching incorporated into his workouts. Adding protein to his post-workout routine, a ketogenic diet during the day and with carbs at night to power extensive workouts
    • All things showbiz, including his time hosting on the America’s Got Talent with Simon Cowell, his time on Aaron Sorkin’ HBO drama The Newsroom. And Brooklyn Nine-Nine.
    • His top tip for life: Challenge every negative belief in your life – and learn how to become un-embarrassable. Get out there, and if it doesn’t go right: You’re learning. It’s ok. You’re human. No-one who’s really good at what they’re doing right now; were horrible at it when they started.
    • Ending on the incredible news that his beautiful wife has won her battle with breast cancer! What a fighter.

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