By Danni Levy

At his heaviest, actor Ethan Suplee tipped the scales at 550lbs. Today, he maintains a lean bodyweight of 270lbs.

The widespread dissemination of Ethan Suplee’s prodigious weight loss has revealed the grueling journey the ‘My Name Is Earl’ star put himself through to shed almost 300lbs.

A flick through his recent Instagram pics shows Ethan sporting an impressively jacked lean physique that far exceeds straightforward fat loss. Having reportedly achieved this by making food ‘unenjoyable’, my chat with Ethan unearthed a vigorous mindset that flourishes in the presence of an abstemious diet and challenging workout regime.

“I definitely don’t make food ‘unenjoyable’, says Ethan. “It’s just that when I really examined my behavior with food, I readily found that I was consistently entertaining myself with it. This is troublesome for a host of reasons, not the least of which is that something done for so long and to such an extreme, must be ever increased so as to maintain its allure. Food had become more of an anaesthetization. It had to stop.”

Ethan set about developing a new relationship with food, utilizing it for its intended purpose of providing the body with fuel and nutrients and avoiding eating for entertainment.

“I do try not to entertain myself with food”

“I do try not to entertain myself with food,” he says. “Even now, there are certainly times I find meals so much less enjoyable due to caloric restriction and macronutrient adherence, but I make a conscious effort to not need enjoyment from it. The restrictive meal periods usually come at the end of a cutting cycle for a photoshoot, or most recently I dieted for a movie I wanted to be very lean in. This notion has had to be confronted by me, especially when sodium is restricted, but it’s usually for a very short period of time.”

Ethan’s world-famous weight loss story has unsurprisingly attracted an unending queue of questions from followers wanting to achieve the same thing.

“I loathe to lay out exactly what I do, because unless you are me, exactly what I do won’t necessarily work for you,” he says. “For this reason, I don’t suggest anyone copy me precisely. That said, I believe many could benefit from my way of eating as a generalization.

“I believe many could benefit from my way of eating as a generalization”

“I consistently eat in a very specific way. I aim for a base of lean protein and vegetables every day.”

Ethan’s Daily Diet

Training Days

  • Four servings of 8oz lean meat/poultry/ fish, each served with a small handful of fibrous vegetables.
  • Whey protein shake prior to exercise (made with water).
  • Casein protein prior to bedtime (made with water).

Non-Training Days

Ethan swaps out the whey protein for an extra 8oz lean meat/poultry/fish meal. This doesn’t change from maintenance to cutting. Fats and carbohydrates can fluctuate for maintenance or cutting cycles. Ethan’s carbohydrate intake can range from 150-400g/day depending on which stage of cutting or maintenance he’s in. His fat intake can range from a couple of small handfuls of almonds to a few tablespoons of olive oil and some avocados.

“On days I don’t train, my fats are increased and my carbohydrates decreased,” says Ethan.

IFBB pro Jared Feather has been programing Ethan’s meals.

“Jared has stopped me from diligently counting everything and gotten me to a glorious place of mostly eyeballing meals, he says. “This made me incredibly nervous at first, but has worked well for almost two years now. For two years prior to this, I kept perfect numerical values for everything, every day.”

Jared also programs Ethan’s training. “My workouts now are a far more in-depth and precise version of what I had been doing on my own,” says Jared. “It is possible to do what I’m doing without the assistance of an IFBB pro, but I sure am glad to be working with Jared!


Ethan’s Training Split

Ethan trains five days per week and performs chest/legs/back/ with some smaller ancillary muscles thrown in everyday.

“I had been doing chest/back/legs but found that some of the back exercises caused limitations on leg days,” he says. “I don’t experience that in the reverse.”

Ethan shares his personal advice and experience with those struggling with the scales.

“My suggestion for anyone who is confronting massive weight loss and is interested in energy balance is to keep good track at first, but eventually make the transition to a long-term sustainable lifestyle that doesn’t require such extreme work. This can be done even after you’ve reached your goal. That’s how I did it and I’m quite happy with the results.”

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