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Incredible Ink: The Scottish Tattoo Artist Who’s Inked the Likes of Machine Gun Kelly and Thor ‘The Mountain’ Björnsson

Tattooist to the stars, Gordon James explains his creative process when inking the A-list.

Award-winning famous tattoo artist Gordon James specializes in realistic ink. Hailing from Scotland, the highlander puts athletes at the top of his VIP waiting list.

The Hulk tattoo

“I have such a high admiration for athletes who are willing to push their bodies to that next level.”

“I’ve tattooed Machine Gun Kelly, Hafþór Björnsson, Dan Hardy, Paul Craig and many more,” he says.

Tattoo of a nun

“The process of getting the portrait from paper to skin is what realism is all about. I like the tattoo to exaggerate muscle tone and really make it flow on the person’s body.

Mike Tyson tattoo on leg

“I have such a high admiration for athletes who are willing to push their bodies to that next level. It’s always good to sit and chat with them while I’m tattooing because they’ve usually got incredible stories to tell.

Tattoo artist Gordon James

“Marvel tattoos don’t take me as long as they used to, because I’ve done so many of them over the years. You’re looking at about four hours’ sitting for a Spiderman tattoo. Family portraits and memorial tattoos take the longest because they’ve got to be absolutely perfect.”


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