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Revealed: The Four-Step Lead Gen Strategy That Made Marketing Guru Tanner Chidester a Millionaire

He’s a self-made millionaire so we’re already paying attention! Here’s how the former fitness model exceeded the $1 million mark in three short years.

From living at home with his parents and earning a modest training coach income, to certified millionaire in just three years. Here’s the exact four-step lead gen strategy that 30-year-old self-made millionaire, Tanner Chidester implemented.

At 25, having dropped out of studying engineering, Tanner Chidester was living at home with his parents and working shifts at a restaurant to make ends meet. Fast forward less than three years and his net worth had exceeded the $1 million mark, having single handily grown two seven-figure businesses by drawing upon his natural talent for social media marketing and lead generation.

After taking a business course, Tanner’s epiphany came about when he realized the life-changing potential of what he calls “high-ticket sales”, based on the notion that if you’re confident that your services provide value to your clients, you should be empowered to charge accordingly.

“The business started doing super-well and I built it to a seven-figure level” he reveals.

The result of this astronomical growth?

Tanner’s peers started reaching out for advice as to how to achieve similar levels of success. “Trainers started coming to me and saying, ‘hey, can you help me?’ I was like, ‘okay’. And then that too grew to a seven-figure level in just three months, it went crazy.

“From there, I started having all kinds of people, aside from trainers, ask for help. That’s the trajectory of the business. We teach a lot of lead generation skills; how to run profitable Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads, just how to get clients on-demand, because most people, are good at what they do, they just don’t know how to get leads to make money.

“High-ticket sales allow someone who doesn’t have a lot of money or experience, to make money quickly, because instead of making 1000 sales for 50 bucks, they only have to make one or two sales at three grand to replace their full-time income. So that’s the structure that allows our clients to have success really fast.”

When quizzed for advice as to how readers can reap the rewards of his lead generation tactics, Tanner Chidester generously shares his easy-to-follow four-step plan to dominating sales on social media.

Tanner Chidester discussing lead generation

1. Organic Growth

“The first way’s organic, which is free. So, the least fun way to do it is to literally reach out to your followers individually on Facebook or Instagram.”

2. Content Strategy

“Next, is developing a content strategy whereby you are posting certain things with a call to action, for example: comment down below XYZ, if you’re looking for this, and then you’re able to lead gen the comments.”

3. Influencer Marketing

“Another way is influencer and page shoutouts. In one example, we spent $19,000 on this strategy and made a quarter of a million. That’s one of our highest ROI tactics and one of my favorites for new clients because their dollar goes really far.”

4. Sponsored Ads 

“After that, there’s ads, which is the paid strategy. Potential clients will be scrolling on Facebook and click on a sponsored ad, it sends them to Facebook Messenger and a link pops up. If they don’t take action, my team and I start messaging them to encourage a phone conversation, and then we close them over the phone. That’s the basis of the business model and by far the best way for beginners to start”.

Aside from his foolproof beginner’s guide to bossing social media-driven sales generation, there must be a certain mindset that propels an individual like Tanner to the top of their game. True to form, with his trademark modesty, he replies, “I think some people work hard, but they’re doing the wrong things. I have an analogy of trying to dig a hole with a toothbrush, it’s the wrong tool. So, part of my success comes from having found something that works, and the other part is that I worked extremely hard. I like to work, and I enjoy it.

“As I made more money, I started realizing there’s so much money out there, you just have to figure out your piece of the pie. If you’re not getting the money it goes to someone else. To me, money’s more of a sport. I enjoy the struggle and trying to push myself.

“It sounds really cliché, but I love the Nike slogan ‘just do it’, if you don’t know what to do, find someone who is where you want to be, and pay them or do work for them, that’s all I really did. And when I figured out what they were doing, I just copied them.

“People overcomplicate it or think it’s harder than is. And so, my advice would be, find someone who’s where you want to be, and pay them. The irony is, that’s how I found success, by people asking me for help.”


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