Paradigm Shifts

7 Mindset Paradigm Shifts for Massive Success

Author: Carol Ann

We all have ideas, thoughts, and interpretations that make up a certain belief system. Unfortunately, that belief system is designed to keep us limited. However, the mind knows that we are much more capable than the simple anatomy of our bodies. Paradigm shifts can change how you think about what is possible.

Changing our perspective from an old, limited thought process to a new, expansive belief system will help us realize that we are designed to achieve massive success in our fitness, health, and in life.

Mindset Paradigm Shifts:


One needs to have a “why” for massive success. Focusing on the outcome of your goal will only take you so far. If you focus on the “why,” you will fall back on that belief when things get tough. For example, the end goal is to lose 10% body fat, but your reason for achieving that goal is to lower your blood pressure and be healthier. When you don’t want to go to the gym or get up early to exercise, focusing on being healthier rather than losing 10% body fat will motivate you to get up and do it!


C.S. Lewis said, “One fails forward to success.” Many are afraid of failing to achieve their goal, and of being judged or criticized by their peers if things don’t go as planned. Remember, this is your life; it’s a journey of many ups and downs, and that’s a good thing. Many who have made great contributions to society have failed unsung times. Thomas Edison failed 1,000 times before prevailing with the modern lightbulb. Edison replied to a reporter when asked how it feels to fail: “I didn’t fail, I took 1,000 steps.” If you don’t hit the mark the first time, learn from your experience and apply that learning to the next trial. Your peers are likely not judging you; they are envying that you are falling forward.


This is one of the most important paradigm shifts. Sometimes, we have all the information; we need to start. At some point, you need to believe in yourself and take that first step in achieving your goal. You have all the answers you need to begin your journey to massive success.


You have the power and the time to make decisions. Don’t feel that you must react quickly. Thinking things through will help you make better decisions. Who knows, maybe waiting a little longer and thinking more level-headed will cause you to make the right decision. But don’t wait too long, or you will return to paralysis by analysis.


Instead of comparing yourself to others, concentrate on what makes you unique and special. Constantly comparing yourself to those already achieving their goals may make you feel more insecure and stop you from moving forward. You don’t know what struggles those people have had on their journey. Instead, embrace your differences and capitalize on them.


This notion is based on the belief that there is more than enough for everyone to go around. Adopt the mindset that you deserve abundance, more than just making it by. You are designed for greatness!


You have unlimited space and capability to achieve your wildest dreams. Don’t limit yourself, but find a way to excel. No dream is too big. Start with a big dream instead of, “I’ll start with a little goal and gradually build up to the big dream.” Go for it! You deserve massive success!

CarolAnn (M.S., Exercise Science/Health Promotion) is a 30+ year fitness industry veteran, program director, studio owner, educator, presenter, and author. She develops curricula for organizations such as FiTOUR, MedFit Classroom, and PT Global. She serves on the Health Advisory Board for MedFit Network and is now spreading the gospel of health and fitness, targeting churches with the health/fitness program Chiseled Faith®.


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