Under desk exercise equipment

Stay Active While Working from Home: The Best Under Desk Exercise Equipment for Remote Workers

Smash your work and fitness goals in one! From under-desk bikes to balance boards, we bring you the best under-desk exercise equipment you can buy today.

As remote work becomes the new norm, many of us spend hours seated at our desks, which can lead to a sedentary lifestyle.

But fear not, because under-desk exercise equipment is a simple and effective solution to combat this inactivity!

These compact and innovative gadgets allow you to stay active while working from home, promoting better health and increased productivity.

Benefits of Under Desk Exercise Equipment

  • Increases blood circulation and energy levels.
  • Improves focus, productivity, and creativity.
  • Combats sedentary lifestyle-related health risks.
  • Helps with weight management and muscle toning.
  • Reduces stress and promotes mental well-being. 

DeskCycle Desk Cycle2

Price: $225 from Amazon

Key Specs:

Dimensions: 10.24 x 24.02 x 20.08 in.

Weight: 23 pounds

Resistance Levels: 8

Equipped with a user-friendly LCD screen, the DeskCycle 2 tracks your progress effortlessly. Speed, distance, time, and calories burned are all at your fingertips, empowering you to stay motivated on your fitness journey. With its eight resistance settings, you have the power to customize your workout from low to high, ensuring an engaging and challenging experience.

Designed for ultimate comfort, its adjustable height feature lets you pedal easily with your knees tucked under your desk. From nine inches above the ground to fit snugly under desks as low as 27 inches, the DeskCycle 2 embraces versatility and accessibility.

For the tech-savvy, the DeskCycle 2 offers a companion app to track your activity effortlessly. Unleash the power of the Bluetooth adapter (sold separately at $30) to sync your fitness progress seamlessly. Plus, the cadence sensor syncs smoothly with FitBit and Apple Health apps, giving you the ultimate convenience of monitoring your activity.

Cubii Move

Price: $159.95 from Amazon

Key Specs:

Dimensions: ‎22.83 x 17.22 x 9.84 in.

Weight: 27 pounds

Resistance levels: 6

The Cubii’s whisper-quiet operation, discreet size and sweat-free workouts offer a simple outlet for restless energy and an easy way to integrate seamless fitness into your working day.

Described as the perfect starter model, while the Move features six resistance modes compared to other models’ 12, this model offers affordability combined with the critical elements required to keep your heart rate elevated but not pumping out of control.

The machine has the accompanying smartphone app, which grants free access to more than 300 guided workout classes and functions as a space to log workout data.

FlexiSpot V9 Desk Bike Workstation

Price: £199 on FlexiSpot website

Key Specs:

Dimensions: 95.5 cm x 59cm” x 88.3cm – 120cm

Weight: 39.4 kg

Resistance levels: 8

This cutting-edge machine seamlessly blends an exercise bike with a spacious standing desk, giving you the best of both worlds and revolutionizing your work-from-home experience.

The V9 Desk boasts a generous 20-by-22.8-inch surface, providing ample room for your notebooks, laptop, and other essentials while leaving space to spare. The V9’s tension knob offers eight resistance levels to match your fitness goals. Whether you want a gentle pedal or a challenging ride, this workstation has your back.

The height-adjustable seat ensures a snug fit for every user, accompanied by a built-in cupholder for your favorite refreshments. Track your progress effortlessly with the built-in screen, capturing vital workout data such as time, speed, and calories burned. Plus, the V9 is designed with lockable gravity caster wheels, making relocation a breeze.

Revbalance Focus Standing Desk Balance Board

Price: $170 from the Autonomous website.

Key Specs:


Weight: 450 lbs

Balance boards are beginning to make waves in the office exercise equipment space, especially after research has shown their immense benefits. Many studies have shown that even when people exercise at the gym after work, it is not enough to fully counter the effects of sitting for sustained periods, which is why working on a balance board is preferable.

Designed with precision, this balance board from Autonomous engages a wide range of muscles, ensuring you stay in top shape while conquering your work tasks. No need to worry about sacrificing productivity, as the swivel action makes it the perfect motion board for standing desks. Embrace seamless integration as you combine efficient work with beneficial exercises, all in one innovative package.

Revolutionary design meets the modern office setting—the Revbalance Focus Standing Desk Balance Board boasts a slick, ultra-modern appearance that harmonizes effortlessly with dynamic workspaces. Its heavy-duty base and grip-coated top deck cater to even the most robust individuals while accommodating a diverse range of shoe types.

FitDesk Desk Bike 3.0

Price: $300 at Walmart

Key Specs:

Dimensions: ‎28 x 16 x 45 inches

Weight: 45 pounds

Resistance levels: 8

The FitDesk Desk Bike 3.0 has various features to elevate your workout and productivity. With adjustable arm support and a built-in tablet holder, you can conquer work tasks while enjoying ergonomic comfort. Resistance bands cleverly stow underneath the seat, inviting you to embrace total-body workouts without clutter.

With its space-saving foldable design, you can tuck it away when not in use, effortlessly reclaiming your workspace. And if that’s not enough, its versatile handlebars transform it into a stationary bike—giving you the best of both worlds.

The non-slip table surface keeps your items secure and poised for action, adding a touch of confidence to your work sessions. Users rave about its remarkable value, with some hailing its longevity over the years.

Wakeman Under Desk Bike Pedal Exerciser

Price: $29.12 at Walmart

Key Specs:

Dimensions: 14 x 19.5 x 9.5 inches

Weight: 5.6 pounds

Resistance levels: Adjustable

Foldable and effortlessly storable, this nifty machine weighs six pounds, making it a breeze to move and tuck away when not in action. Embrace simplicity without compromise.

Stay in the loop with its digital screen, showcasing vital stats such as calories burned, revolutions per minute, and time used. The possibilities are endless, as this versatile option can even grace your tabletop, doubling as a rower-type exercise for low-impact arm workouts.

However, users point out a minor drawback—the tension knob, a long screw, may leave some wanting more strength. While its non-slip base does its best, it may not prevent the machine from sliding during intense sessions. But, its affordable price should alleviate any of these potential issues.

ComfiLife Foot Rest

Price: $51.01 at Amazon

Key Specs:

Dimensions: 44.45 x 30.48 x 15.24 cm

Weight: 711.11 grams

A game-changer in the world of ergonomic bliss, footrests conquer the art of elevating or lowering your chair to ensure parallel arms at the keyboard. Gaze upon your monitor at eye level, a vision of productivity achieved. And let not your feet dangle in uncertainty; let them rest gracefully upon the footrest, embracing their newfound support.

The footrest also promotes more “active sitting.”, engaging your feet in a motion of rocking back and forth, promoting optimal leg circulation. The best on the market is the ComfiLife Footrest—a delightful fusion of ergonomics, blending foam construction that caresses your feet with a plushy surface.

Versatility takes center stage as the ComfiLife Footrest adapts to your desires. With its detachable base, you can customize the height to your liking—choose between 3.9 inches or 5.9 inches of foot-loving support.

Time to invest?

With these fantastic under-desk exercise equipment options, remote workers and individuals working from home can easily integrate physical activity into their daily routines.

Whether you prefer pedaling, stepping, or balancing, there’s a perfect fit for every workspace and budget.

Boost your health, happiness, and productivity with these top 10 under-desk exercise equipment choices and embrace an active work-from-home lifestyle!

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