Drink and Dive

Edivo Vina, located on the Croatian Dalmatian Coast has gained critical acclaim for its fairytale- like aging technique, storing bottles of their finest in an underwater wine cellar deep in the Adriatic Sea.

Nikolina, wine aficionado from Edivo remarks: “The owners of the winery are experienced divers and sea lovers. Knowing that the bay has the ideal temperature for aging red wine, they made an experiment with leaving bottles under the sea, and the rest is history.

“Wine in a regular cellar is kept in different types of barrels, made of wood or plastic” continues Nikolina. “But wine in an underwater cellar is kept in glass bottles and amphoras, that are stored at a depth of 15-20 meters with a constant temperature of 14-16 degrees, which is ideal for storing and aging red wine.

“Red wine must be kept in the dark and that is really important. It’s preserved underwater for approximately two years. The moment we open a bottle and pour wine into the glass is the first time the wine comes into contact with light” she explains.

Nikolina passionately clarifies how traditional wine cellars are exposed to temperature oscillations due to the change in seasons, and despite having the same molecular characteristics of wine stored underwater, has a stark difference in flavor and aroma. “Because of the ideal temperature of the sea in the bay, wine that is aged under the sea has a better taste than wine aged in a regular wine cellar.”

Edivo is famed for utilizing rustic terracotta amphora bottles which, during their two-year underwater storage process collect corals, algae, and seashells which latch onto the exterior to further romanticize the novel concept.

Sea-aged glass bottles start at 100€, and amphora from 350€. Edivo also hosts intimate diving experiences, allowing visitors to select their own wine amidst the ruins of the enchanting, shipwrecked boat storage facility. You won’t find a more immersive way to enjoy your next bottle of rouge.

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