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Medichecks: It’s in Your Blood

In a world where medical advances are increasing our lifespans and offering us innovative ways to optimize our health according to our unique genetic profiles, Muscle and Health decided to check in with just how far blood testing has come along. Renowned blood testing company Medichecks was on hand to get us up to speed.

Medichecks provides fast and accurate comprehensive blood tests that empower people to take charge of their health by offering customers laboratory-derived, easy-to-view results supplemented by advice from qualified doctors. A whole host of health markers are expertly analyzed, allowing clients to check the risks of developing conditions and optimize their overall health and fitness.  

Founded in 2001, with a goal to make an accessible, convenient, and affordable service available to the masses, Medichecks became the UK’s first direct-to-consumer blood testing service. Over the years, the company has diversified to offer a broad array of tests, with something for everyone, from monitoring high-risk conditions through to hormone and vitamin markers, making it easier then ever to understand your body from the inside-out.

Medichecks’ most popular tests include the Ultimate Performance Blood Test, Advanced Nutrition Blood Test, and Advanced Well Woman Blood Test.

Advanced Nutrition Blood Test

The advanced nutrition option for those that want to ensure they are fueling their body efficiently. Analyzing six key vitamins and minerals alongside cholesterol, inflammation, and diabetes markers this test allows health-conscious individuals to ensure they are consuming the proper nutrients for vitality. The perfect option for those with concerns about cholesterol and diabetes, experiencing symptoms of fatigue and lethargy, or wanting to equip themselves with an in-depth knowledge of their body’s deficiencies and levels of inflammation.

Ultimate Performance Blood Test

Athletes, bio-hackers, and fitness aficionados, this is the test for you! Track your progress and fine-tune your diet and exercise regime thanks to this deep-dive into your hormones and nutrition levels. Fantastic for assessing your baseline levels pre-transformation and tweaking your regimen mid-program, this in-depth test provides you with a full breakdown of hormones, proteins, vitamins and minerals, liver health, thyroid function, heart health and so much more! This comprehensive analysis allows you to be proactive across all areas of your health and wellbeing whilst optimizing your endurance, strength, and recovery.

Advanced Well Woman Blood Test

The go-to test for ladies looking to increase energy and long-term health, this advanced health check tests for female hormones, thyroid function, and vitamins and minerals. If you feel healthy and well but want to tweak your nutrition and lifestyle for optimal results or have some niggling health concerns that you would like reassurance with, this health MOT is the perfect solution! From diabetes to heart disease. this test has you covered, analyzing a whole host of personal risk factors like kidney and liver health, cholesterol, gout risk, inflammation, and many other health issues prevalent in women. 

Muscle and Health have teamed up with Medichecks to offer our UK-based readers the opportunity to win an Advanced Well Man or Advanced Well Woman Blood Test worth £149.00 to help you achieve your health and fitness goals with the help of an extensive blood analysis check. Head over to Muscle and Health’s Instagram page to enter. 

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