Transforming Orgasms With Psychedelics

Transforming Orgasms With Psychedelics, Cannabis And Science

Can a smartwatch and a bag of psychedelic mushrooms transform your sex life? The answers may surprise you.

Authors: Nathaniel and Emily Morris

ReIn their newly released book TRANSFORMING ORGASMS with Psychedelics, Cannabis & Science, husband and wife team Nathaniel and Emily Morris describe a scientific methodology that you can use to test how cannabis and psychedelics affect you sexually.

Cannabis expert and coauthor Nathaniel Morris says: “Consider how biometric sensors like smartwatches have revolutionized how people exercise. Accurate feedback about how your body responds to an activity allows you to make better, more informed choices. This is true for sex. Monitoring your heart rate is one of many ways to measure how they respond to cannabis and psychedelics in a sexual context.”

“Smart vibrators allow people to learn about their orgasm patterns. Most people aren’t even aware that an orgasm can be measured precisely using biometric sensors to detect patterns of rhythmic contractions on the pelvic floor. Identifying your typical orgasm pattern is intriguing in and of itself, but seeing how your orgasms are enhanced using cannabis and psychedelics is absolutely mind-blowing,” explains Emily Morris

cannabis and psychedelics

Understanding your sexuality is extraordinarily complex and multidimensional. Adding cannabis and psychedelics only increases the complexity. This book describes a testing methodology that people can use to discover what works best for them. It is based on a scientific journaling system that encapsulates the many variables by structuring the relevant information into seven categories:

  • Drugs, dose, and method
  • Set, setting and tools
  • Laughing, crying and emotional release
  • Desire and inhibition
  • Genital response, pleasure, and euphoria
  • Trance and connection
  • Biometrics

“A few generations ago, people did not think of science as something they could use to help them get in shape. Just as science revolutionized how people understand what it means to get in shape, it can potentially revolutionize our pursuit of pleasure, connection, and trance-like states,” adds Nathaniel.

In this book, the husband-and-wife team argues that our ancestors almost certainly encountered psychedelic mushrooms and cannabis. Based on the behavior of modern humans, we can say with a reasonable degree of certainty that these early humans would have experimented, mixing the pleasures of sex with the pleasures of psychoactive plants and fungi.

We can now study how cannabis and psychedelics impact modern sexual activity and make inferences about early human behavioral patterns. We now have clear evidence that eating these plants and fungi results in more sex and better sex.  This also means natural selection would favor the early humans who incorporated the act of becoming intoxicated into their natural mating rituals. The authors argue that much of modern drug and alcohol use is the product of a genetically driven behavioral trait, as we incorporated these plants and fungi into our natural mating rituals. 

Authors Nathaniel and Emily Morris have a combined 30+ years as thought leaders in the cannabis and psychedelic spaces. Nathaniel’s work with cannabis and rare psychedelic plants has been profiled on The Discovery Channel, MSNBC, PBS, and more. Emily was recognized as Miss High Times 2012 by High Times Magazine, where she had the opportunity to immerse herself in different cannabis cultures worldwide.

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