3 Pillars for a Healthy Money Mindset

Author: Ashley Shepherd

An important aspect of healthy living is our relationship with money. To obtain a powerful relationship with money, we should first ensure we have the proper mindset.

Using the three key points shown here, you will be able to create a mindset that will not only breathe wealth but will drive you to achieve more than you’ve ever imagined.

Money Is Your True Voting Power

Money is how we vote every single day. When you spend money with a business, you are telling them that you believe in their practices. If we want things to change (like lower prices on organic vegetables for example) then we have to vote that way with our money. Positive change happens when we collectively put this power to use for good.

Money is Energy

When we have limited funds, it is easy to hold on to our money and be strict with our spending. The problem with this is that the limiting energy that we’re putting out comes full circle and ends up preventing our ability to gain more. Hoarding your money could actually be what is keeping you from levelling up your finance game. Avoid believing you live in a world of scarcity and start believing in abundance. Allow the good energy that you put out to make space for more good energy to come in – a powerful flow.

Wealth is Achievable (it has been Mistaught)

How you view money as an adult often stems from how you grew up. If you were constantly around people who didn’t talk about and/or shamed those with money, you could live thinking money is either bad or hard to get. This can teach you uncomfortable habits surrounding money and can often prevent you from possessing an abundance. Wealth is achievable. Repeat it daily.

Ashley Shepherd, aka “The Fit CPA”, is a certified public accountant turned entrepreneur focused on helping health and fitness entrepreneurs lower their tax liability through proactive tax planning and strategy to keep more cash in their pockets

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