Colin Wayne x Muscle and Health Podcast

Colin Wayne. One of the world’s most successful business tycoons, founder and CEO of Redline Steel, family man and veteran. Episode 4 of the Muscle and Health podcast is here, hosted by Danni Levy, Editor-in-Chief.

Get ready to learn more about:

  • Colin Wayne’s exclusive inside business tips: Provide more value than what you ask for in return (such as free products included in an order), understand exactly what your costs are and what you need to do to get a lower margin through getting multiple quotes, identify your top tier customers and how you can bring in more revenue from them
  • How he started Redline Steel in 2016, after spotting a gap in the market and putting himself in the shoes of his customers in order to tap into the blue ocean of a market place
  • His history through the business, from consultation to CEO of his ideal business model and ability to create anything from concept to reality
  • The moment when he realized that Redline was a billion-dollar opportunity, and how in its first 5 years the business is already worth $100 million
  • His service in the military from September 2006 to March 2013, including an injury during his third tour of Afghanistan which led him into a recruitment role and setting up a viral Facebook group in 2012. This ultimately led to his change in career, as business, sponsorship and fitness modeling opportunities (including Under Armour) began to be offered
  • A turning point was reached when he realized fitness modeling wasn’t enough for him anymore and he wanted the next step
  • His tips include: Know your margins, know what your breakeven point is, be uncomfortable with being uncomfortable in order to grow, test everything to figure out your path, know how to segment your data to get the most out of your money, higher people who are smarter than you to take your business to the next level
  • Growing the business and partnering up with Mute 6 marketing agency, and eventually being featured in best practice case studies across Facebook and Klaviyo
  • Next plans include putting a strong management team in place, in order to take a step back from the CEO role and create more time to look at the bigger picture
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