By Mark Suslik

Photography by: Per Bernal


Fifteen exercises, that target every portion of your upper body, with limited rest time makes this a cardio-style athletic lift routine to suit the busiest of schedules!


Incorporating power movements, this workout is a chaotic shock to the upper body. With the demands of everyday life, whether you are a full-time employee and graduate student, a parent with kids, or just someone going through the daily challenges of life; if you can find time to hit the gym and take on this upper-body challenge, it will provide you with not only the physical strength, but more importantly the mental fortitude, to take on anything the day throws your way. Chest up, shoulders back, and chin up!


The Workout: 

ExerciseSetsReps (Range)Rest (Between Sets)
Exercise 1: Bench Press48-1260 seconds
Exercise 2: Skull Crushers48-1260 seconds
Exercise 3: Explosive 3 Way Bosu Push-ups41030 seconds
Exercise 4: Decline Barbell Bench Press48-1260 seconds
Exercise 5: Incline Dumbbell Barbell Presses48-1260 seconds
Exercise 6: Spider Curls412-1560 seconds
Exercise 7: Barbell Rows48-1260 seconds
Exercise 8: Double Plated Curls drop set to Single Plate Curls412, 2060 seconds
Exercise 9: Isometric Hold Dumbbell Shoulder Flyes41260 seconds
Exercise 10: Standing Barbell Bradford Shoulder Press41260 seconds
Exercise 11: Close grip Pull-ups4860 seconds
Exercise 12: Overhead Rope Triceps Extension412-1560 seconds
Exercise 13: Seated Pull-Downs48-1060 seconds
Exercise 14: Seated Close Grip Rows48-1260 seconds
Exercise 15: Inverted Body Weight Push-Up Burnout3AMRAP60 seconds


Bench Press


Skull Crushers


Explosive 3 Way Bosu Push-ups


Decline Barbell Bench Press


Incline Dumbbell Barbell Presses


Spider Curls


Barbell Rows


Double Plated Curls drop set to Single Plate Curls


Isometric Hold Dumbbell Shoulder Flyes


Standing Barbell Bradford Shoulder Press


Close grip Pull-ups


Overhead Rope Triceps Extension


Seated Pull-Downs


Seated Close Grip Rows


Inverted Body Weight Push-Up Burnout



The Must-Have Weekly Upper-Body Split

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