Tom Kemp from Farm Fitness

Tom Kemp: Farm Fit

Tom Kemp is fast becoming one of the most respected names in the biz. A third-generation farmer, he founded Farm Fitness, a gym unlike any other.

“Love what you do and make use of what you have,” says Tom, who converted his passion for fitness into a career. Every corner of his family’s farm has been transformed into a world-class training space, earning him global recognition.

Take fitness back to basics and enjoy this staple Farm Fitness pull-session for an explosive pump.

Banded dumbbell bent over rows

Banded dumbbell bent over rows

3 x 10-12 with 60 seconds rest between sets (drop set to failure on the last set)

Adding two resistance bands to this variation of the dumbbell row will really help to engage your lats effectively. Attach the band high up on the rig structure so that it’s closer to your shoulders in the top position. This will reduce any shoulder extension, allowing you to effectively isolate your lats. Take the last set right until failure, then drop the dumbbells and continue (with bodyweight) until failure.

Single arm kettlebell rows

Kettlebell rows

3 x 8 reps per side with 90 seconds rest between sets

Think about dragging the kettlebell into the hip. Work through the full range of motion, hold the contraction for two seconds at the top of the movement and slowly lower back down. Pull each rep explosively, keeping a neutral back and tight core throughout.

Weighted wide grip pull-ups

Tom Kemp wide grip pull ups

Perform x 2 warm-up sets of bodyweight pull-ups x6 reps. Then 4 x 6 working sets of wide grip weighted pull ups 90-120 secs rest between sets

Focus on keeping your chest up, elbows back and control the eccentric phase, working through the full range of motion. Make sure you get your chin above the bar with each rep.

Barbell T-Bar rows

Barbell rows

3 x 10-12 with 60-90 seconds rest between sets.

Straddle the barbell with feet shoulder-width apart. Focus on keeping your chest open and lifted throughout the movement and your back and head aligned. Think about dragging the weight into your hips.

Arm blaster fat bar curls

Fat bar curls at Farm Fitness

3 x 8-10 with 60 seconds rest between sets

Keep your shoulders retracted throughout the movement. Focus on a two second squeeze at the peak of the contraction, then slowly lower the bar back down for four seconds. The fat bar will require you to recruit more muscle fibers to challenge your forearms and grip strength.

Dumbbell alternating curls + Legless rope climb

Alternating bicep curls

Perform 60 alternating dumbbell curls. Each time you hit failure, perform one legless rope climb. Once the 60 reps have been completed, the arms workout is finished. Keep rep quality high aiming for a 3-1-2 tempo. Aim for 10 reps per arm with each round


man pulling a weighted rope at Farm Fitness

12 Minute AMRAP – Total body metcon workout

Complete as many rounds as possible in 12 minutes

• x3 Sandbag over shoulder
• x6 Wall jump overs
• x9 Hanging knee raises
• 20M Arm over arm sled pull
• 20M Sled push

Follow Kemp’s journey and exciting plans ahead for Farm Fitness:

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Photography by Callum Tracey

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