Georges St-Pierre launches RushFit 2.0

Legendary MMA fighter Georges St-Pierre launches RushFit 2.0 alongside TruConnect

After the huge success of the first installment over a decade ago, Georges St-Pierre is back with the second version of his RushFit app, offering a wider range of workouts for people of all fitness levels.

Photography by Ella Gagiano

He may have retired from MMA in 2017, but legendary fighter Georges St-Pierre is still as physically sharp as ever as he launches his new training app, Rushfit 2.0.

Following on from the first version released in 2011, RushFit 2.0 will be available to download and use via the popular workout app, TruConnect.

The app will offer a range of martial arts-based workout programs, ranging from beginner to advanced difficulties​​—empowering people of all fitness backgrounds to take part.

All of the workout categories available within the app are models St-Pierre used during his training for fights with his trainer and brains behind the program, Erik Owings.

Georges St-Pierre boxing training

Speaking to Muscle and Health, St-Pierre said: 

“I like to teach people ways to improve their level of fitness, and use martial arts as a method of self-defense, to enjoy a better lifestyle, and become a better person. Training is a form of therapy and a great release of dopamine. For me, it’s my duty to pass on my knowledge in the next chapter of my life. The beauty of RushFit 2.0 is that it’s appealing to people at every level of fitness. Not everyone is advanced like myself, so we break it right down to basics so users can develop their skills and techniques.”

Owings, who himself used to fight professionally, teaches the sport daily, and is involved in the teaching and practice of mixed martial arts at least six hours a day, six days a week.

He has spent more than half of his life devoutly following his routine and presented the first innovative installment of RushFit alongside St-Pierre.

Who will benefit from RushFit 2.0?

Although it follows the fundamentals of MMA, St-Pierre and Ownings developed the app with everyone in mind.

“You literally just need a small space like your living room to be able to use and reap the benefits from RushFit 2.0”, says Owings. He also goes on to say:

“We’ve taken the foundation movements of mixed martial arts, with a key focus on kickboxing and the striking movements. The mainstay of the program is bodyweight, mobility, and strength movements, mixed with shadow boxing which incorporates some highly intense cardio within it. We’ve managed to encapsulate what you would see in a classic martial arts montage into a format that takes a minimal amount of time.”

“It starts off deliberately easy and builds into something complex and with a higher level of difficulty. However, there’s always the option to go back to a lower-level setting. Everyone from the most basic of beginners to the hardcore advanced fighters will get something from the app.”

Men doing TruConnect RushFit 2.0 training

It’s building on the app created way back in 2011, but with St-Pierre and Ownigs getting more creative control this time around, they’re even more excited about the potential. 

The app offers an astounding insight into George’s training and workouts, and this rendition sees him give more instruction as well as guidance than he did in the previous. 

Ownings said: “It was a really fun thing to be a part of and to see Georges teach his craft.”

Consistency is key

Owings recommends users take part in the workouts three to four times per week. But, he also stresses the importance of consistent rest and recovery.

St-Pierre agrees with his ethos of “a little bit a lot rather than a lot a little bit”, encouraging people to train every other day to avoid burnout.

Georges St-Pierre

“I like to compare the program to building a house. You need a strong foundation unless everything will crumble. Your body is the same.

Myself and Erik have really emphasized this to prevent injury for anyone using the app, but once that foundation is in place, the option to ramp up the intensity is there. When it comes to mixed martial arts, the key is in the detail. We want to teach people to be more efficient in their movement. We’ve really tried to make it the best workout ever made for our audience. I’m very proud of what we have done, and I think it’s going to be a big hit.”

Head to to create your account and view the wide range of workouts available on RushFit 2.0.

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