Project Possible

Nimral “Nimsai” Purja came out of nowhere to show the world how a seemingly impossible feat can be achieved with only sheer determination as fuel.

The Ultimate Dumbbell Workout

The Ultimate Dumbbell Workout

By Samantha Yardley Photography by Per Bernal PT extraordinaire and fiancée to the legend Dolph “If he dies, he dies” Lundgren, Emma Krokdal is no stranger to the weights room. Commit to being fit in 2022 with her tried-and-tested full-body ultimate dumbbell workout. This highly versatile routine hits every body part to perfection and, providing […]

Look Who’s Cooking

By Danni Levy   Having a character created for you by Steven Spielberg is kind of a big deal, even if you’re Curtiss Cook. Best known for playing ‘Douda’ on the Showtime coming-of-age series The Chi, we prized the fitness fanatic away from training and sat him down to get inside the mind of a […]