Don’t do anything until you’ve taken on board these invaluable tips from the UK’s fittest, Zack George


1. Find your local box

Learning CrossFit works best in a group setting. Each box is unique with its own personality and community, if possible, try a couple before you commit, you want to find a place that feels like home!

Most boxes will run an on-ramp that introduces you to the fundamental movements in CrossFit and the class structure.

Try to commit to a certain number of classes each week. The go-to prescription is three days training, one day rest.


2. Don’t compare yourself to others

It’s your journey, nobody else’s. Don’t get consumed by the leader board. Instead, keep your own scores diary. The best person to be competing with is yourself and if you keep good records, you’ll be able to chart your progress more effectively.


3. Learn the basics well

Learning good movement mechanics early on is key. There are nine foundational movements in CrossFit, if you can master those you have the blueprint for good mechanics across the board. Always pursue form over complexity or weight. If you can’t do the movement with a broomstick, you shouldn’t be doing it with a loaded bar.


4. Be patient

CrossFit defines fitness and health as work capacity across broad times and modal domains. Your health is built on your ability to produce work in all domains over the course of your whole life, this predicates a preference for steady, consistent improvements rather than a period of intense training and then falling away.

One of the most common beginner mistakes is to train three times a day and become injured after six months. I’d much rather see you train solidly once a day, five days a week before starting to think about scaling up your volume.


5. Enjoy

The process of learning new and varied movements has huge benefits from a neurological perspective, complex coordination and spatial tasks create structural changes in the brain that help prevent mental decline and improve mood. These challenges are often things that have been left behind since childhood but should be approached daily.

The feeling of physical mastery should be savored and enjoyed. Enjoy the process and revel in the small wins, you’ll realize eventually that the process of working towards something offers more reward than the actual ‘achievement’.

There is a special kind of bonding that happens in groups that undergo shared ‘suffering’, and you will find that CrossFit communities are some of the closest-knit friendliest groups you know.






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