Woman whispering erotic love language

What’s my erotic love language?

Figure out your lust language with the erotic blueprint for a hotter sex life.

Author: Sarah Ricco

You might have heard of the five love languages, which describe different ways to express care and support in a relationship (physical touch, gifts, words of affirmation, quality time, and acts of service). 

But have you heard of the five lust languages?

Lust languages, called “erotic blueprints,” are less well-known than love languages but are just as important when it comes to sexual satisfaction. Sex experts at delicto.com discuss the ins and outs of erotic blueprints and how knowing yours can dramatically enhance your sex life. 

What is an erotic blueprint?

The concept of an erotic blueprint was coined by somatic sexologist Jaiya, who has spent decades researching the science of arousal and pleasure. According to Jaiya, an erotic blueprint is a map to what turns you on — a kind of steamy guidebook to your “primary sexual style.”

Just as love languages are intended to help us understand how we give and receive love, erotic blueprints can offer insight into the countless ways we experience arousal.

Learning about your partner’s erotic blueprint can mean the difference between guessing what will ignite arousal and knowing what will. When you understand your partner’s erotic 

Taking the time to discover what turns you on and off can help you set boundaries in the bedroom and help you live your most authentic sex life, both solo and with partners.


Woman having sex

This straight-to-the-point erotic blueprint is laser-focused on nudity, orgasm, and the genitals. If you have a sexual blueprint, seeing a picture of your naked lover might be all you need to go from zero to 100 on the arousal meter. 

If your partner has a sexual erotic blueprint, it doesn’t mean you should put less effort into turning them on, just that it might be easier to do so! 

Taking off their clothes (or your own), touching them, and kissing them could be a surefire path to arousal, regardless of your surroundings.  Whereas a sexual type might not mind making love in a cluttered room, the sensual type could find arousal elusive.


Couple having energetic foreplay and love language

For those with an energetic blueprint, anticipation is everything. It’s the longing that revs the engine of the energetic type, making foreplay particularly important for this style. Teasing, flirting, and building excitement for the sex to come is almost as arousing (if not more so) as the sex itself. 

That’s why sexting can be a go-to arousal tool for the energetic. Getting hyped up via sexy texts and pictures before a face-to-face encounter can ensure an ultra-horny hook-up.


Kinky woman with a whip

The kinky erotic blueprint revolves around what polite society typically deems taboo or sexually deviant. People with this style often explore role play and detailed sexual fantasies that depart from the “vanilla” or mainstream. 

Wax play, bondage, and experimenting with power dynamics may all be found in the kinky type’s arsenal of arousal. While folks in this category might not need kink to become aroused, exploring these desires can help them experience deeper, more intense excitement.


Man and woman roll erotic dice

This style brings a little of every blueprint to the table. The shapeshifter feeds off their partner’s energy and often derives the most pleasure from seeing them turned on. 

The shapeshifter is very adaptable and intuitive and can weave in and out of each sexual style in response to their partner’s arousal. If you’re a shapeshifter, you might feel most excited when you adapt to the blueprint of your partner, match their mood, and play into their biggest turn-ons.

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