Megan Davies

Megan Davies’ Super Moves to Torch Fat Fast!

Beachbody On Demand Super Trainer Megan Davies, creator of online home training and nutrition programs Clean Week and Muscle Burns Fat, presents her super moves sure to torch those calories, tone and strengthen your body and mind.

Get ready to switch the power on and push through every single rep to reach the finish line.
Workout breakdown: Complete each exercise separately or as a circuit with 30 seconds of rest in-between exercises. You’ll need a Workout mat, two dumbbells, chair/couch.

Inchworm – 3 x 12

Get to work on your chest, shoulders, core and legs. We will fire up your heart rate through this smooth movement pattern. Stand tall with feet under your hips. Crouch to the ground and walk the hands forward into a plank. Pause. Walk the hands back, return to the crouched position and stand back up. Repeat 12 reps, 3 sets.

Hollow Body Hold – 3 x 15-30 seconds

Time to switch on that core. Lie on your back, on the floor, with arms reaching above your head and legs straight out in front of you. Lift your head, upper back and legs a few inches off the floor while driving the lower back towards the ground. Think of a boat or banana shape. Keep energy through the legs, core, and arms the entire time. Modify by raising the legs higher and bending at the knee slightly. Work your way up to holding for 30 seconds!

Thrusters – 3 x 15

Now it’s time to work the legs and glutes and continue to push through the burn in the core and shoulders.
Hold a pair of dumbbells at shoulder height, weights parallel to the ground. Sit the hips back and lower into a squat. Stand up with power while driving the weights overhead. In the overhead position, the core and glutes should squeeze, and the biceps should be by the ears. Return the weights to the shoulders and repeat 15 reps. 3 sets.

Push-up to Alternating Knee Tap – 3 x 10

A tremendous upper and core set is to come now. Start in a plank position with hands flat on the floor, slightly wider than the chest and a straight line through the body with legs, booty and core tight. Lower your chest between the hands and push back up into the plank position. As you return to the plank position, drive your right knee towards your chest and tap the top of your knee with the left hand. Repeat the push-up using the opposite hand and leg for the knee drive on the next rep. Modi- fy this movement by placing your knees on the floor or bringing your hands to a higher surface like the back of a sofa or kitchen counter. 10 reps for 3 sets.

Bulgarian Split Squat to Lateral Raise – 3 x 8 on each side

More leg work with some lateral upper-body work now. Are you ready? Standing in front of a sturdy chair with a light pair of dumbbells, reach one leg back and place your foot on the cushion. Lower into a lunge position while pulling the dumbbells up to shoulder height. Arms should be almost straight, with elbows slightly bent and pointed behind you during this motion. Return to the start position.
For modification, ditch the chair, and place the ball of your foot on the floor in a lunge position instead. 8 reps on each side for 3 rounds.

Windmill Concentration Curl 3 x 8 each side

You are combining lower body strength with a test for upper body and stability now. With a pair of dumbbells in hand, step out into a warrior pose. The back foot faces straight ahead with a straight leg, the front foot faces to the side, and the knee bends towards 90 degrees. Lean towards the front leg, rotating your body, so your chest faces forwards. Open your arms straight and perpendicular to the floor with your bottom elbow pressed up against the knee and both palms facing forwards with the dumbbells. Holding one dumbbell above you, perform a concentration curl with the other arm. 8 reps, 3 sets.

Mountain Climbers using Kitchen Towels – 3 x 30 seconds.

Time to add speed and take your workout up a notch – double time mountain climbers incoming. If you’re at home in the kitchen, you can use towels to slide on the floor. Maintaining a plank position with shoulders over the wrists, using the towel to slide one foot in, drive your knee to your chest. Alternate legs and move as fast as you can with good form. Remove the towel for classic mountain climbers and test your speed and power. 30 secs work for 3 sets.

Shifting Side Lunge to Reverse Fly – 3 x 8 each side

Now work your legs, glutes, back and shoulders. With a light pair of dumbbells held with straight arms in front of you, position your feet wider than shoulder-width apart. Straighten one leg while sitting back the hips and leaning to- wards the other side. (Think of a single-leg squat on the working leg, but that straight leg still gives some support!) With the chest, slightly for- wards, pull the dumbbells away from each other with elbows slightly bent and squeeze between the shoulder blades at the top. Lower arms and straighten the working leg back to the centre position. Repeat on another side.

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