Man with mustache for movember

The Mustache Revival: Must-Have Mustaches for Movember

Facial fuzz is the trend that will never end, but this year’s grooming style occupies a solid middle ground between baby face and beard. The time is nigh to channel your inner Ron Burgundy because the mustache is having a moment.

Move over beards—it’s time to embrace the mustache movement. In the ultimate statement of masculinity and virility, 2023 pays homage to insalubrious grainy 70s productions in all their upper lipholstery glory. 

Arrogant Smith, hair consultant at says: 

“The driving force behind this trend is a combination of nostalgia and modernity. Many men are looking back to the classic styles of the past, like pencil-thin or handlebar mustaches, for a timeless look that never goes out of style. At the same time, contemporary fashion trends have embraced facial hair in all shapes and sizes, so there’s no one ‘right’ way to style a mustache.”

Whatever style you choose, there are sure to be plenty of options available.

How to grow a mustache…

Fancy dabbling in facial hair, but not sure how to master the grooming regime? Read on, my friend.

Arrogant Smith, hair consultant, shared some tips for how to pay homage while looking dapper all in one. 

“To grow a mustache, begin by shaving all your facial hair except for the area around your upper lip. Then, use a quality mustache wax to style your hair into the desired shape. Make sure to keep your mustache clean and well-groomed to avoid any unsightly hair growth patterns. If you’re having trouble achieving the desired shape, try using a small mustache comb and scissors to achieve symmetry. Finally, use styling products such as pomades and sculpting gels for extra hold and a shiny finish.”

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How are you going to wear yours?

From the handlebar to the horseshoe, there’s one question we mustache. How are you going to wear yours?

“In 2023, we can expect to see a resurgence of classic mustache styles. The most popular styles will be the pencil mustache, the handlebar mustache, and the Fu Manchu. 


Handlebar mustache

The iconic handlebar is easily the most recognizable look for your upper lip and not one for the faint-hearted. All about the grooming, this symphony of hipster antiquity requires keeping the handles long enough to curl upwards and copious amounts of mustache wax.


Horseshoe mustache

Hulk Hogan, eat your heart out. The horseshoe is the man’s man of mustaches and allows you to keep the guise of a goatee (minus the chin covering). This statement style is a guaranteed head-turner but should be avoided by the narrow-faced and the wrestling-averse.

Fu Manchu

Fu Manchu mustache

If you fancy yourself as a misunderstood antagonist persona, the Fu Manchu has all the villain vibes you’ll ever need. Often confused with the horseshoe, this ‘stache derives its power from long tendrils that extend from either corner of the upper lip. Go full-on Salvador Dali by pointing them upwards in a ’10-past-10’ fashion.


Pencil mustache

High maintenance but less conspicuous than other styles, the pencil mustache is a subtle way to style your ‘stache without overwhelming your face. The thin shape is ideal for guys who struggle to grow their face lace or want to ease into the look. Trim regularly to never exceed the corners of the mouth.


Walrus mustache

This low-maintenance lip foliage is thick, whisker-happy, and not exactly discrete. Earning its zoomorphic marine mammal namesake resplendently allows this ‘tache do its thing until it completely covers the upper lip. The walrus is an effortless look that actually is relatively effortless. Winning.


Chevron mustache

More understated than a horseshoe and shorter than a walrus, the chevron is the ode to the ‘70s your mouth has been missing. Shaped like a chevron, this quintessential mustache style naturally follows the shape of your upper lip but doesn’t cover it, making it a timeless, faff-free style that’s particularly suited to oval face shapes.

So there you have it, make the nostalgic mustache work in the 20s with these modern classics. Enjoy. 

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