Annihilate Your Glutes and Hamstrings with This Workout

Author: Valerie Vitale
Photography: James Patrick @JPatrickPhoto

This spicy glutes & hamstrings workout will help build a shapely booty and hams that pop so you can fill out your jeans in all the right places. 

Equipment needed: booty bands, a step or a bench, dumbbells

Banded Hip Thrust 

Place a booty band around your legs just above your knees. With shoulder blades on the bench and pressure in your heels, lift up and contract glutes. Press your legs outward, keeping tension through the whole movement.

Banded Squat Kick

Place a booty band around your legs just above the knees and press outward. Stand tall with a wide stance and squat down. As you stand up from the squat kick your leg out and back at an angle to engage the glutes. Alternate legs.

Banded Deadlift

Place band in the same position as above and adopt a wide stance, keeping toes forward and maintaining outward pressure on the band throughout the entire movement. Ensure your knees are soft and legs are straight as you glide down holding dumbbells in each hand. Back should stay flat as you hinge at the hips and contract your glutes to return to standing.

Lateral Step-up

Position yourself next to the step with one leg up. Keep pressure in your heel of the leg that’s elevated as you step up slowly. Return back down with a slow motion, maintaining continuous pressure in your heel. Complete all reps on one leg then change legs.

High Step-up

Facing the bench put one leg up on top of the bench. Step all the way up slowly and return back down bending your back knee as low as you can. Complete all reps on one leg then change leg.

These are defiantly something you need to incorporate into you glutes and hamstrings workout

Banded Heel Donkey Kick

Place the band around your knees and get on all fours on the floor, with hands stacked directly under your shoulders. Apply pressure on the band to hold it in place with your nonworking leg. Working leg stays bent and push towards the ceiling with your heel, contracting the glutes. Complete all reps on one leg then change sides.

Curtsey Lunge

Stand tall with dumbbells in your hands, or body weight if you are just beginning this move. Step back and behind your stationary leg, bending your knees into a lunge position as you lower down. Switch sides and repeat.


Which Lunge?

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