Cod Liver Oil VS Glucosamine

Join-t Forces: Cod Liver Oil VS Glucosamine

The agony of achy joints is real. Get supplement savvy as Muscle and Health get knee-deep on which joint care will help you stay ass to grass in the squat rack.

So which supplement is the best? Cod Liver Oil vs Glucosamine. If you’ve ever suffered from bad knees, there are no limits to the quantity of oil squeezed from a cod’s liver you’re willing to consume to get back in the squat rack or pounding the pavements. But in recent years, glucosamine has been hailed as the new go-to joint savior.


Cod liver oil capsules


Studies have shown that cod liver oil may help to achieve a 25% reduction in their relative risk of heart attacks and strokes6


For folk with rheumatoid arthritis, cod liver oil can reduce the need for non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs by 12%5


Cod liver oil is around 20% omega-3 fatty acids, which helps in reducing chronic inflammation4


86% of patients who took cod liver oil daily had significantly reduced levels of the enzymes that cause cartilage damage and joint pain7


High blood sugar, Bleeding, Low blood pressure, Diarrhea


Glucosamine capsules


The research found people who regularly took glucosamine were 15% less likely to develop heart disease2


Multiple studies found glucosamine can provide relief for osteoarthritis, but it may take four-to-eight weeks to take affect5


Glucosamine has been evidenced to provide a 28% reduction in biochemical markers of inflammation3


Supplementing with 3g of glucosamine daily was shown to lower knee degradation by 27%1


Heartburn, Drowsiness, Rash, Headache, Joints.

Cod Liver Oil VS Glucosamine Winner: Glucoasime

For joint and knee woes, science suggests glucosamine is the bee’s knees. However, for overall health, the nutritional profile of cod liver oil wins due to its high levels of vitamins A and D. For optimum health gain, make these two heavy hitters a joint effort.

Sources: 1. Rei Momomura et al, 2. Tulane University, 3. Eliabeth D Kantor et al, 4. American Heart Association, 5. British Society of Rheumatology, 6. American Heart Association, 7. HTC Health

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