More Formula Bangarang

Bangarang: More Formula’s Epic Pre-workout Isn’t for the Faint Hearted

Finding the motivation to work out can be tough. A good pre-workout can help get you fired up and serve as a great addition to your training regime.

More Formula boasts powerful and effective ingredients like caffeine to get you motivated, L-tyrosine to increase focus and concentration, and compounds that perk up your pump.

Pre-workout can also help to eliminate fatigue, which in turn allows you to train harder for longer.

More Formula pre-workout drink

More Formula is a brand-new supplement company which launched this year and is founded by husband-and-wife team whose goal was to create a brand people can trust through great products that are extremely effective. With zero proprietary blends, you know exactly what you’re taking.

The first product launched has been making some serious waves in the fitness industry, after receiving rave customer reviews thanks to the powerful and efficacious pre-workout blend.

BANGARANG’s unique name, means ‘to cause uproar or a disturbance’ and makes for a perfect synergy with its eye-catching design. Available in delicious blue raspberry flavor, its packed with ingredients such as 4000mg of pure L-citrulline to help enhance pumps and eliminate fatigue, 3500mg of beta alanine for next-level performance and endurance, and a massive 400mg of caffeine for increased energy levels guaranteed to see you through the most gruelling of workouts.

More Formula’s innovative blend of top-quality ingredients makes it great all-rounder pre-workout to get you in the zone and decimate any training session.

Head over to and get your tub today using code MH15 for 15% off your first order.

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