Low Sugar Avocado Cacao Mousse- for Two

Looking for that ultimate Valentine’s Day dessert but looking to keep things somewhat healthy? This avocado cacao mousse has got you covered!

Ingredients to make two pots:

2 ripe avocados, peeled and chopped into cubes (around the size of a grape per cube)

5tbsp oat milk

40g cacao powder

60ml YaconViva Yacon Syrup

A handful of YaconViva Cacao Nibs for topping

A handful of fresh berries for topping


Peel and chop the two avocados into cubes. Aim for grape sized cubes.

Pop the chopped avocado into a blender with 3tbsp of oat milk. Blitz for 30 seconds until smooth.
Add in the cacao powder, YaconViva Yacon Syrup and 2tsbp more oat milk to your avocado mixture. Blend together until smooth.

Pour your mixture into two small ramekins and top with YaconViva Cacao Nibs for some crunch.

Place in the freezer for an hour. Serve with your fresh berries and enjoy!

About YaconViva:

YaconViva Yacon Syrup and Yacon sweetened Cacao Nibs are available now from Amazon UK, good health stores and from yaconviva.co.uk

YaconViva Yacon Syrup is £9.99 (RRP) for a 220g bottle.

YaconViva Cacao Nibs is £8.99 (RRP) for a 300g pack.

The YaconViva range comes from Conviva Health Ltd, a small family business with the aim of bringing the tastiest and healthiest foods from Latin America.

With family connections in Peru, Conviva Health Ltd has access to some of Peru’s best undiscovered secrets.

Its mission is to deliver great tasting, wholesome food that is great for your health.

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