Almonds is one of the best nuts

How Do Nuts Shape Up?

Perfect for snacking on, packed with protein, and delicious for spreading onto both sweet and savory snacks. But in the battle of peanut vs cashew and all the bolts in-between, which nut comes out on top? Let’s check out the best nuts.


Pile of peanuts

Protein 26g Carbs 16g Fat 49g Kcals 567 Fiber 9g
Overall rating 4/5


Pile of cashew nuts

Protein 18g Carbs 26g Fat 43g Kcals 582 Fiber 3g
Overall rating 3/5


Pile of almonds

Protein 21g Carbs 22g Fat 49g Kcals 562 Fiber 12g
Overall rating 5/5


Pile of walnuts
Protein 15g Carbs 13g Fat 65g Kcals 654 Fiber 6g
Overall rating 2/5

Brazil nuts

Pile of brazil nuts

Protein 16g Carbs 68g Fat 2g Kcals 699 Fiber 4g
Overall rating 1/5


Whilst peanuts offer slightly more protein, almonds are higher in fiber and lower in calories, making them one of the best nuts for weight loss. Both nuts are an excellent source of high-quality protein, carbohydrates, and fats, closely followed by cashew nuts which also boast an excellent macro-nutrient profile.

Almonds clearly deserve their superfood title. Try your hand at these IMMUNITY-BOOSTING HYDRATION HACKS some of which feature almond milk for their health-boosting powerhouse properties..

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