Eddie Hall and Thor Bjornsson both call Hulk Hogan out for a wrestling match!

Hulk Hogan shows off his stacked biceps in a friendly arm wrestle with Muscle and Health editor, Danni Levy

It was dubbed “the heaviest boxing match in history”. The clash of the giants ended in a bitter defeat for Brit Eddie Hall. 

Despite a long-running feud between the former World’s Strongest Men, we’ve not heard any word of a rematch. But it seems they’re now competing for a new title; against WWE Hall of Famer Hulk Hogan.

Hulk has been spotted sporting a fully loaded physique at his hangout as he turns 70 next month. Having recovered from 25 surgeries in the past decade, the wrestler appears to have found a new lease of life, and he’s clearly working hard to maintain his fitness levels.


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“Would I wrestle Hulk Hogan? Hell yeah! That guy was a legend in my household growing up,” Eddie told Muscle and Health.

“In the nicest possible way, it would be amazing to throw bombs and butt heads with Hogan!”

Thor hit back with a counter-proposition, even referring to Hogan as “a God.”

“I would 100% wrestle Hulk Hogan,” he told us. “He’s a God in the wrestling community, and it would be awesome to have a match against him.”

Over to you, Hulk! 


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