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How To Feel Confident Naked: Indulge Man’s Basic Primal Urge by Learning to Love Your Body

If turning the lights off is your prerequisite to some sexy time, here’s your CTA to start loving your body and experiencing unadulterated freedom… by getting naked.

Author: Natalie Arabella Bailey

When you look in the mirror, what do you see? A man of means? Or a weak dribbling mess? Being comfortable in your own skin is the ultimate expression of freedom. Here’s how to get yours.

It’s vital for our wellbeing to be confident and enjoy looking in the mirror. Everyone has a body to live in, so it’s paramount that you enjoy it, look after it, love it, and feel comfortable naked. 

Why naked? That’s man’s basic primal urge. To be naked. In the modern era of the daily rat race, plus constant marketing-led fashion hype, we can forget about the basic human needs. Fuel. Survival. Sex.  

Imagine a new sexual encounter. Emotions are high, pulse racing, body quivering. Your next step is to take your clothes off (or to rip them off each other). You’ve made the decision to take the next step, but now, the thought of getting naked fills you with dread. You turn the lights off, move their hands to different parts of your body, get under the sheets so they can’t see you in your full glory… is this really how you want to play out the rest of your lovemaking life? 

What if you loved your body enough to feel confident naked? This new and empowered you leaves the lights on, enjoys the moment, and devours everything that experience has to offer. 

Getting naked is unavoidable. We shower, get dressed, get ready for bed, have sex. These activities have a sans-clothes conditionality. Learning to love your body will help you to feel incredible, which in turn, will make everything you do in your life feel better. You will be more confident. You will lead a more fulfilling life. 

The concept is for everybody, whether you are short, fat, thin, hench, whatever your body shape, you don’t have to be mega-fit to attain confidence. You just have to learn to love and appreciate yourself. It may sound simple, but it’s not always easy. 

Picture yourself looking in the mirror and you loving what you see. You walk around the house with no clothes on. And the sex… just imagine the amplified pleasure when you are so comfortable in your own skin that you can truly connect with your partner. 

It takes some work, but if you’re willing, getting confident naked will change your life irrevocably. So, let’s get to work:

Mirror Image

Man looking confident in the mirror

Look at yourself nude in the mirror daily. Observe your arms, your legs, your bum, your stomach, behold every single part of you. This is the first step to appreciate who you are and what you have. It might feel awkward or strange at first, but you will start to get used to it. If you don’t accurately know what you look like in your birthday suit, how can you have the self-awareness to begin to love yourself?

The Power of Words

Man feeling confident

What kind of language are you using when you’re talking to yourself about how you look? Is it derogatory or are you discovering features you like about yourself? This makes all the difference. Positive language repeated, compounds, in the same way negative language does. 

When you lift yourself up with positive reinforcement, you do a lot better in life, compared to beating yourself up. If you focus on the negative, you can’t lead a positive life, and you’ll never achieve body confidence. 

It’s the old ‘talking to plants’ analogy. In a study conducted by the Royal Horticultural Society it was proven that a plant spoken to nicely and complimented blossomed, whereas conversely, one that was bullied, didn’t. This is plants, in a plant pot. So, imagine what positive language can do for you as a person! 

The more positive you are, the better your brain is going to function, and the more you’re going to start to believe in yourself. If you want to blossom and grow, talk to yourself out loud and give yourself compliments. I am indeed a fully-fledged advocate of the first sign of madness! But there is a method to it; the more you praise yourself, the better you feel. 

Feeling Yourself 

Outreached hand

Now we’re going to get a little more personal. It’s time to touch yourself. To understand how your body works, feels, what it likes. If you don’t comprehend this, you can’t expect your partner to.  

Throughout the day, touch your arms, legs, face, head, all of you. You subconsciously touch yourself without even noticing, but when you do it with purpose, it helps you connect with how your body feels and moves. 

When you’ve normalised the practice of feeling yourself, take the next the step towards erotic touch. Have an intimate relationship with your own body. Explore what turns you on. Self-love is perfectly natural and is something we should all make a concerted effort to enjoy. 

Orgasm is one of the greatest pleasures in life. It releases endorphins and dopamine (the happy hormone) and is a natural painkiller. So, if your girl (or guy) ever uses the old headache excuse, sex is in fact, the most natural cure! By getting to know yourself intimately, you can become more confident naked, not just on your own, but with a partner too. 

Movement Is Medicine 

Strong man exercising in the gym

Like the dopamine and endorphins benefits released through orgasm, exercise is another happy hormone hack. Your body has muscles and joints, it’s made to move, not just sit down, and endure a sedentary lifestyle.

The more you move, the more you understand your body and how it feels. The stronger you become physically, the stronger you become mentally, and this in turn, will help you to feel more confident naked. The physical progression that working out presents will cause your mindset to change, helping you become stronger, more resilient, and ultimately, more stark-bollock-naked feeling amazing confident. 

Stretch For Success

Man doing leg stretches

So many people skip this essential part of training, but please don’t. Your muscles will thank you! And it too, will make a difference to how you feel in the nude. 

Get on the floor and stretch. But do it naked (at home please, not starkers in the gym!) Doing so will allow you to push the boundaries and experience the way your skin feels against floor. You’ll start to learn how certain parts of the body feel under pressure and become even more in tune with your physiology. 

Eat It Up

Grilled chicken and salad

What you put into your body shows on the outside. Assess your nutrition and try to gain an understanding of how certain foods make you feel.  

When I eat bread, I feel bloated. So now, I make a conscious decision to eat less bread because it simply doesn’t make me feel good. Investigate what foods don’t agree with you and omit them from your diet accordingly. You want to feel good for the long-haul, not for a fleeting moment of instant gratification. It’s not worth it!  

The more nutrient-dense foods you put into your body, the better you’ll feel. The language we use when it comes to food is so messed up because we say “I’m going to treat myself to a glass of wine and some cake” but, these highly processed foods aren’t treats at all, quite the opposite. Good quality nutrition and exercise are treats for the body and mind, which help contribute to sass-level confidence with or without clothes on. 

Ditch The Comfies 

Man relaxing in pajamas

Do you have ‘house clothes’? Ditch them! Especially when home alone. Your task for the week is to start walking around your house with no clothes on! Start to get accustomed to being naked, trust me when I say this will help. You’ll catch glimpses of yourself in the mirror and start to look at yourself in a whole new light. Keep a ‘fit to hand in case the postman knocks though!

PJs are next on the hit list. Sleeping naked is the best experience. You don’t get caught up in material getting in your way when you move around in bed. You sleep freely. 

The Naked Truth

Man loving himself

Your body is yours to love and appreciate, and it comes from within. Follow these simple steps and notice the change. You will start to feel better, enjoy better sex, learn what your body enjoys, how it connects to your mind, and the difference it all makes when you are naked.

Remember that comparison is the thief of joy, never compare yourself to others. All those Insta influencers are airbrushed to fuck anyway. Be real. Be you.

Practise this stuff every single day. Consistency equals success. If you want to feel confident naked you need to get naked. Every. Single. Day. Go forth and masturbate.

Natalie Arabella Bailey is the acclaimed host of the Confidence Mastery: Unlock Your Life podcast, and founder of The Confidence Mastery Podcast. She is cited as the go-to person for confidence coaching in the UK, helping people to unleash their inner confidence to lead better lives through video and podcasting and via insta @nataliearabellabailey

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