Vick Pitnes next to his Lamborghini

Overcoming the Scarcity Mindset

Vick Pitnes is the undisputable personification of rags to riches. Rarely do you meet someone who oozes charisma quite like this guy, the medical technology mogul who dominates in his field and has reaped the financial rewards as a result. Within the first couple of minutes of our interview, I’m positively enthralled and it becomes painstakingly clear that with a mindset like Vick’s there’s no way he was settling for anything less than Lambos and Phantoms…

“I remember in 2015 I pulled over on the highway crying because I had $78 left in my bank account” begins Vick Pitnes with refreshing honesty. “I’m a blue-collar guy; I came from no money” he reveals. It emerges that a mere six years ago, Vick was barely making ends meet, bringing in $700 a week and facing financial destitution.

“I sold everything I had in my house. I had no furniture; my mattress was on the floor. It was a really bad situation. To top it off, I had just got divorced. You name it. It was it was happening to me” he recalls earnestly.
So, how did Vick turn his situation around so starkly and in such a short period of time? “The big shift that happened for me was when I went from thinking in scarcity to thinking big” he explains. “People think, ‘what’s average’ and ‘what’s normal’ and shoot for the status quo as a goal. And they usually end up a little lower. It wasn’t until I started thinking big that I saw rewards.”

“Being normal and being average isn’t going to give you security. In today’s environment, you must think in abundance” muses Vick Pitnes wisely. “If you’re seeing 1,000 clients a month, aim for 10,000, because if you’re just humming along and everything is normal, and average, and a catastrophe hits you… you’re done. You want to crawl into a cave because you’re scared about what’s going to happen.

However, if you’re so big and your abundance is so large, you’re making way more money than you then you need and then you can breathe a little bit.”

Today, Vick has over 200 employees at his firm Blackstone Medical, which specializes in providing a home monitoring solution for sleep apnoea,

“We’ve grown in leaps and bounds and have been an Inc 5000 company for four years in a row” he gushes.

“I started Blackstone Medical Services in 2012. Literally, just with this idea that I was going to provide a product and service for testing people that suffered from sleep apnoea, it’s a disease that affects your ability to breathe at night. Typically, if you
get tested, you have to go to a hospital or to a sleep lab, so I developed a product that allows you to get tested in your home” explains Vick. “The product is the size of a cell phone, we ship it to your house, you do the test, send it back to us and our physicians diagnose you.

“I started in my kitchen, I knocked on doors; getting doctors to refer business” he says humbly. “Through a lot of hard work, consistency and being persistent. We grew to be the largest provider in the US across 50 states and we serve over 165,000 patients.”

And so, to the all-important question… what can our readers do to implement change to achieve real success? “I think you have to take where you are now and just decide; are you happy? Most people will say ‘no’, if that’s the case, then you have to start thinking bigger! You can’t level up in life, your income, your abundance
and security unless you’re willing to think big. Push that envelope otherwise, you’re just you’re going to be this normal, average man.”

Vick Pitnes asserts that reaching mediocre levels of financial success is, in fact, the riskiest situation of all, leaving people in danger of becoming complacent. “Being comfortable is definitely a disease. I wake up every day like the rent’s due” he says. “You’ll be surprised how many people are just not willing to put in the effort. They’re not willing to wake up at six in the morning to go work out. They’re not willing to stay late.

They’re not willing to go meet with somebody on a Saturday or a Sunday because it cuts into their personal
time or whatever BS. I see a lot of people that fail because they’re lazy. If you want balance, you’re not going to be successful.

“What are you willing to tolerate? Are you willing to tolerate not having money? Are you willing to be reasonable about it? If you can’t go buy what you want or help your family, that’s your decision. There’s some things you have to wait for; I wanted a Rolls Royce. I wasn’t going to get it in 2012 but I’ve got it now. Some things take time.

“I highly encourage people to not be reasonable. You decide. There’s no finish line, it’s an everyday constant vigilance.”
Vick’s book Did You Sell Your Soul? is available on Amazon.

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