Zodiac Inspired Sex Positions

Zodiac-inspired sex positions

See stars with these zodiac-inspired sex positions

Author: Melissa Stone

With Valentine’s Day approaching and endless positions to choose from, it can be challenging to pick the best one. 

But what if your affinity for your favorite position aligns with the stars? 

Luckily, sex specialists at Joy Love Dolls have helped Muscle & Health determine the best sex position suited for each astrological sign.

Aquarius: Cowgirl (Jan 22 to Feb 20)


Aquarius is known for being free-spirited and love to experiment, meaning the Cowgirl sex position can let an Aquarius feel empowered, all while having fun! 

This position involves one partner lying flat on their back with their legs out straight while the other sits straddling on top of them, facing each other. The benefit of this position is you choose the pace, depth, and angle of penetration.

Pisces: Missionary (Feb 21 to March 19)


As a water sign, Pisces are loving and emotional, so missionary is the sex position for them. Missionary sex is a classic go-to for couples where one person is on top while the other is lying underneath them. 

The position requires both people to be face-to-face, with intense eye contact allowing couples to feel incredibly intimate, therefore valuing closeness and emotional connections.

Aries: The Wheelbarrow (March 20 to April 20)


Aries are the ultimate fire sign, who thrive on being passionate, spontaneous and daring in the bedroom. The Wheelbarrow is an adventurous position for Aries who want to explore their playful side. 

The receiving partner starts on the floor and uses their hands to balance in a plank-like position while the giving partner stands and holds the receiving partner’s legs to resemble a wheelbarrow shape.

Taurus: Flat Iron (April 21 to May 21)


Taureans are ruled by the planet of love herself and seek the need to feel loved and comforted and crave passion. 

The Flat Iron position involves the receiver lying facedown on the bed, pelvis lifted (made more accessible by placing a pillow underneath her hips). At the same time, the other person enters from behind. 

This position is incredibly passionate and great for switching things up!

Gemini: 69 (May 22 to June 22)


With a curious streak, Geminis are known for their flexibility and playfulness, especially in the bedroom. They want the best of both worlds, so 69 is the sex position that can let their inhibitions explore while simultaneously giving each other oral sex.

Cancer: The Face-Off (June 23 to July 22)


As one of the most sensitive signs, Cancer tends to be romantic and seek emotional intimacy, so The Face-Off position is perfect for this sign. 

The position builds closeness and trust as one partner takes a seat, and the receiving partner climbs onto their lap, wrapping their arms around the penetrating partner’s back while the other thrusts and penetrates while standing in front of them.

Leo: Doggy (July 23 to Aug 22)


As the vital fire sign suggests, Leo’s passionate and ambitious, with a strong desire for power and authority. 

Regarding the bedroom, they are affectionate and adventurous, so Doggy is recommended. Doggy involves getting on all fours while the person penetrating stands or kneels behind their partner, entering the first person from behind.

Virgo: The Leap Frog (Aug 23 to Sept 22)


Virgos are devoted, loyal, and excellent communicators. The Leap Frog is a playful position in which the person being penetrated gets on all fours, similar to doggy style. 

Then, press the top half of your body down, so you’re resting your head, chest, and arms on the bed, which creates deeper penetration and gives the receiving person a chance to rest on a pillow.

Libra: The Seashell (Sept 23 to Oct 22)


Libras are represented by the scale, meaning they are well-balanced and indecisive at times. The Seashell position allows them to be tender, flexible and fun which gets its name from how the woman’s body is bent up like a shell, giving her partner total access. To perform the seashell sex position, you’ll need to lay back balanced with your legs as far back as they will allow deep penetration.

Scorpio: Corkscrew (Oct 23 to Nov 22)

Scorpio: Corkscrew


Scorpios are known for their loyalty, devotion and fiery passion regarding sex. The Corkscrew is an exciting position involving the receiving partner sitting on the edge of the bed. 

They then need to turn onto one side, resting on the hip and using their arm for support. From here, the penetrating partner stands and straddles the receiver, entering from behind.

Sagittarius: The Spread Eagle (Nov 23 to Dec 22)


Sagittarians are open-minded and can be mischievous, adventurous and prone to experimentation. The Spread Eagle is a perfect position for them, similar to the missionary position, except the person on the bottom has their legs spread out to the sides (in other words, spreading their wings).

Capricorn: Spooning (Dec 23 to Jan 21)


A Capricorn’s best qualities are incredible loyalty, ambition and patience. As a sign who value comfort and tender love, the spooning sex position gives them the emotional and intimate aspect of sex. 

Spooning is both a sexual position and a cuddling technique that lets you go from side-by-side snuggling to sex in record time!

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