Functional Moves of Our Forefathers


“The idea for this workout comes from getting back to the basics, removing the distractions, and focusing on the outdoors” says the former aid to the Governor of California. He adds: “Old school, no excuses, raw and brute strength.

“I learned early on the importance of getting out into nature, away from the daily grind. Some of these exercises are the oldest skills of a dying breed of men that did manual labor jobs, such as bailing hay, pulling and lifting heavy objects, flipping tires and cutting wood” says Matt, his passion for fitness evident.

“Compound exercises utilize multiple joints to activate many muscle groups using free weights. This means maximum muscle recruitment, high nervous-system activation, and more stimulus for growth” he says “These movements are known to increase natural testosterone levels and growth hormone in the body, which will in turn, help build strength and promote size on your frame. With the high level of stress these lifts place on your body, a huge amount of testosterone will be released during your workout.

“That’s not to say I don’t train classic bodybuilding styles, I do, but we all need to change things up and get outdoors and clear our heads while developing our physiques in a new way. Not to mention how accomplished you will feel after you get outdoors and get back to your roots in the great outdoors workout!”


3 x working sets till failure


Start out with a light weight and work your way up to failure, 5 sets of pulls. This is designed to work your total body, be sure to have a tight core and focus on having a strong stance with your legs and use your biceps back and chest to pull that weight.


Start at 15 seconds with 15 seconds rest and work up to 30 seconds with 15 seconds rest; 5 sets. Get in the athletic stance (feet shoulder-width apart, knees bent and slightly sit back) when you do this exercise. Ensure your shoulders are in line with your hips.


3 sets of 10 reps, rest 1 to 2 minutes if needed. Hold the log just above your upper chest, hands slightly wider that shoulder-width. Think of an imaginary straight line drawn from the elbows through the wrists and hands, and into the sky. Press the log up as the elbows extend and return to the starting position.


20 walks, down and back; 4 sets. Keep your back straight and engage your core as you grasp a log in each hand. An old-school strongman style exercise that really helps with grip strength and coordinated body effort.


Down and back counts as 1 set. Perform 3 sets of this powerful posterior chain movement to kill your glutes and feel your core in the morning. This is a great metabolic exercise that can be beneficial to your training regardless of whether your goal is to pack on new muscle or get lean.


10 flips for heavier or 20 for smaller tires. 30 seconds rest; 3 sets. This is all about form so be careful to lift with your legs, not your back and engage your core. This is a great compound lift, targeting quads, hamstrings, shoulders, chest and arms.


Pick 5 stones in increasing weight, lift each onto a platform, do 1 round, rest 1 minute and then repeat the round of 5 stones: 3 sets. If you have only 1 stone, repeat 5 times with 30 seconds of rest: 3 sets. Be sure to lift with your legs and not your back and focus on keeping core tight and back straight.


Aim for 25 chops (work your way up), 30 seconds to 1-minute rest, 4 sets. This is a killer workout and not one for the faint of heart. Take a 5lb to 10 lbs. sledgehammer and hit a tractor tire. This mimics the form of wood chopping. Make sure to keep the abs tight and relax the shoulders and upper body.


3 working sets with 12 to 15 reps. TRX works by using your own body weight. Designed for building stabilizer muscle and as a result, with stretching can help with flexibility.


15 reps, 3 sets. Stand upright with feet shoulder-width apart and core tight. Step forwards, plant your foot and bend your knees to lower yourself towards the floor. Press up through your heel to return to your starting position, ensuring your body remains upright.


(Wall ball throws) 20 reps, 30 seconds rest; 4 sets. Start by picking up the weighted ball and then pivot your body to throw it against the wall; let it fall back down and pick it up again. This was designed to mimic lifting bales of hay and moving them onto or off a trunk. Great for the midsection.

“I was 135 pounds at 25 years old when I started working for Arnold. I had no idea that he was like a God in the bodybuilding world. He taught me that the mind is the most powerful tool on earth and whatever you put your mind to, you can physically achieve in life. He’s been a mentor and a friend; I call him my step-uncle. We work out at Gold’s together and laugh and have a fun time. But, aside from that, we hardly talk about working out, a lot of it is about business, marketing, and branding. He’s a marketing genius so I think that I learned a lot of business sense, and human life skills; how to be honest and true to who you are. He never changed who he was. He knew where he wanted to go, and he had a vision.”


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