Joe Wicks’ 24-minute HIIT Workout

Joe Wicks’ 24-minute HIIT Workout

Fitness fanatic and cheeky chappie Joe Wicks provides a perform-anywhere HIIT workout that takes only 24 minutes from start to finish.

Got 24 minutes? Then you’ve got time to complete this exclusive Joe Wicks 24-minute HIIT Workout body blaster. 

His laidback, accessible approach to food and fitness Has gained him millions of fans across the globe. More recently earned this has also earned him the prestigious accolade of an MBE.

Favoring HIIT training, Joe developed this functional, minimal equipment, and super-efficient 24-minute HIIT workout for Muscle and Health readers. 

With HIIT being great for improving stamina, increasing strength, burning fat both during an exercise session and for a long time afterwards, you can see why Joe is such a big fan of them and with him constantly creating new videos on his YouTube channel he is a guy who clearly knows how to get the best out of a Hiit workout.

The best bit? All it takes is 24 minutes to get your sweat on, get the blood pumping, and finish feeling energized and ready to attack the day. 

This workout is broken down into 8 different moves that a simple enough for any beginner but can help push even an advanced workout enthusiast. If you are new to HIIT workouts we do recommend you using the beginners work:rest ratios, and as with all exercise please ensure you properly warm-up before and cool-down afterwards.

Let The Workout Begin!

3 rounds

8 moves

Beginners: 30 seconds work, 30 seconds rest

Intermediate: 35 seconds work, 25 seconds rest

Advanced: 40 seconds work, 20 seconds rest

(Adapt work:rest ratio to suit your fitness level)

Dumbell Thrusters


Reverse Lunge Into Knee Dive


Dumbbell Burpee Deadlifts


Plank With Oblique Crunch


Renegade Rows


Dumbbell Bicep Curl Into Press


Kick Through


Bicycle Crunch


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