Mark Knights Twelve-Minute Toolroom workout

Mark Knights Twelve-Minute Toolroom workout

Grammy-nominated DJ Mark Knight shares his 12-minute workout for a quick pump when he’s short on time

Short on time?

Stuck for space?

Oh no you’re not! All you need are two dumbbells, three moves, and twelve minutes!

Allow four minutes for each exercise, working for 30 seconds, then resting for 30 seconds over four sets.




Lying dumbbell chest press with abs

Mark Knights Twelve-Minute workout

Performing flyes lying flat on the floor enables you to elevate your head and shoulders on the eccentric phase, incorporating the upper abs. 

With your head relaxed, squeeze the dumbbells together above your chest, then contract the abs to lift the upper body slightly as you slowly lower the weights back down.

Dumbell lunge

Mark Knights Twelve-Minute workout

Simple but effective, the dumbbell lunge unilaterally improves balance and coordination whilst challenging quads, hams, and glutes. 

When heavy squatting bars are not available, lunges are the go-to move for keeping both fast and slow twitch fibers in check.

Full sit-up with an overhead extension

Mark Knights Twelve-Minute workout

Raising a dumbbell straight above your head adds a new element to your hotel room sit-up regime, bringing the shoulders back into the mix and further improving core strength and coordination. 

Advanced trainers can practice this move with arms fully extended for both the concentric and eccentric phases.

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