The Strongmen Have Voted: Eddie to Win!

Thor will tumble in the heaviest boxing match in history, vote fellow Strongmen

The highly anticipated bout between Eddie Hall and Hafthor Bjornsson will take place on March 19th in the UAE, and speculation as to who will come out on top continues to make global headlines. 

“To be honest, I just want to bang this guy out, bang him out again, and then just get him out of my headspace, because I’ve just spent too much time fixated on wanting to hurt this man and I just need to move on,” Eddie told us. 

“The only reason Thor took the World’s Strongest Man title is because I retired- so he’s welcome. He’s welcome that I retired. He’s lucky I retired, or else he never would have won the World’s Strongest Man,” he went on to say.

Thor fought back, branding Eddie’s claims as “hilarious.” Having taken up boxing specifically to “ beat Eddie Hall up”, Thor maintains he has “more records than Eddie could ever have.”

So what does everyone else think? In a battle between two Strongmen, who better to judge than fellow world class competitors? Muscle and Health asked eight of the strongest athletes in the world who they believe will win and why? 

“I’m with Eddie all the way! I believe he’s kept more size and strength alongside his boxing training, which will pay off. I think Eddie is just meaner and more aggressive.” Jerry Pritchett, 2017 America’s Strongest Man

“My money is on Eddie because he’s a fighter in his mind. Thor is afraid.” JF Caron, 9 x Canada’s Strongest Man

“In the beginning, I thought Eddie would win, but Thor has lost a lot of weight and done competitions, so he has more experience. For those reasons, I think Thor will win.” Kelvin-De-Ruiter, World Champion Truck Puller

“My money is on Eddie. Thor is just so slow and awkward, he has no snap or explosiveness. Technically yes, Thor has improved, but even if he hits Eddie, he doesn’t seem to have any power to cause much concern.” Martyn Ford, Hollywood Actor turned Boxer

“I think Thor will win, because he has already had several fights in the ring and has experience.” Oleg Sylka, Multiple Strongman Champ

“Both guys are legends, but since I’ve competed in boxing myself, I see Eddie has a bit more of this sport in him and if Thor can’t or won’t use his reach as an advantage, then Eddie will win.” Ervin Toots, World’s Strongest Man competitor

“My money would be on Eddie. While Thor has the reach and looks like a technical boxer, I think this fight is going to turn into a proper old suit up. Having known Eddie for a long time, I can attest for how stubborn and focused he is when he puts his mind to something. He goes all in. He’ll be well prepared and gunning for this fight.” Adam Bishop, Britain’s Strongest Man 2020

“In the beginning, I would’ve said Eddie straight away, but he has given Thor so much time to get better that it’s pretty open. Thor’s starting to look pretty dangerous. If Thor can withstand the early barrage of heaving hitting for Eddie, I think he’ll will. But I don’t know if he’s quite there yet and Eddie’s cardio is pretty strong. I think Eddie is going to take this.” Travis Ortmayer, Strongman competitor and Coach

Where to Watch

 ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History’ will be available to stream for free through a partnership with CoreSports and SEGI.TV.

Don Idrees, CEO of CoreSports, added: “We’re thrilled to partner with SEGI.TV to bring this historic sporting experience into homes around the world for free. This fight is set to change the game for international boxing events.”

Livestream timings: 

  • Stream and coverage will begin 1230pm PST, 330pm EST, 830pm GMT
  • Fight scheduled to start 1pm PST, 4pm EST, 9pm GMT

Detail of the live stream for ‘The Heaviest Boxing Match in History’ will be available here: www.SEGI.TV

Looking to attend in person? Details of the event and tickets can be found here:

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