Expert Reveals Why You Should Take It Outside

Corona caused a global shakeup, not least of which to the way we exercise. With more and more folk now sidestepping the gym in favour of al fresco sessions, try taking your next workout outside with this intensive circuit routine, guaranteed to make you sweat. Perform five rounds or more if you dare, for a fat-torching full-body annihilation.

Beginner: 30SEC work / 15SEC rest Intermediate: 35SEC work / 10SEC rest Advanced: 40SEC work / 5SEC rest

Stationary High Knee-  FULL BODY

Start in an upright standing position and raise one knee up to your torso as high as possible. Lower to return to the starting position and alternate legs.

Plank with Alternating Reach – CORE

Assume a plank position, with elbows beneath the shoulders and extend one arm until parallel to the ground. Bend arm to return to starting position and alternate sides.


Start with feet shoulder-width apart and perform a squat, shifting your hips back and down. Explode out of the bottom range of your squat, jumping off the ground. As you land, drift back down into another squat and repeat.

Alternating Split Squat Jump – GLUTES, QUADS AND HAMSTRINGS

Start in a split stance, feet hip-width distance apart. Lower your rear leg’s knee joint towards the ground to form a 90 degree angle, while the front leg bends at the knee. Drive up with both legs, so that your feet explode off the ground and alternate legs.

Mountain Climber – CORE

Assume a push-up position with hands directly beneath your shoulders. Drive one leg straight forward, bending at the knee. Alternate legs.

Decline Narrow-Grip Push-Up – CHEST, SHOULDERS AND TRICEPS

Assume a push-up position, hands inside shoulder-width, and your feet elevated. Pro- ceed to bend at the shoulder and elbow joints, until your upper arms are parallel to the ground; then, extend the arms until you return to the starting position.


Assume an inverted “V” position and bend at the shoulder and elbow joints, until your forearms are parallel to the ground. Push-up to return to the starting position and repeat.

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Photography by James Patrick


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